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Rock War by Robert Muchamore

April 10, 2015

PROMPT: Borrowing Voice


The four boys looked back at their teacher with distaste.How the hell could he think this band was uplifting? They weren't even a band! Jay wasn't sure whether to sing or cry-they weren't technically making music, so they couldn't technically win, right? Right?...

Tristan looked at his bandmates and stood up, his nose high in the air. "I'm not putting up with this any more."He announced, walking to the door.He stopped, his hand on the handle, and turned."Alfie, come on. Mum might be alright with us going into crappy competitions, but I'm not."

His younger brother was still sat with Jay and Salman, who were both looking at Tristan like he was crazy. "Dude, you can't bail out on us here! We're up in a bit!"Tristan shrugged, his face showing he wasn't interested.

"Alfie, come on." Tristan's little brother had no choice but to follow him, waving half-heartedly to his bandmates and music teacher. The door closed behind them as the group onstage finished, the judges clapping away. Jay felt like every clap was a punch to the stomach, a little piece of him getting beaten up as the seconds passed. How could Tristan do this? Just because those guys had looked good...Stupid rich boy, he thought angrily, meaning to walk out of the auditiorium and follow him, just to give him a good punch.




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