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May 13, 2020


  I texted him, on the new phone I had bought him, and told him to meet by the frozen lake and that I loved him with all my heart. I told him that we were getting married today, now, but he had to show up for that to be possible. 
  I quickly put on my boots, and a long, white dress, embodied with golden roses and left for the frozen lake in my cherry red car. 
  My heart was hammering and there was a shiver that ran down my spine. My fingers were trembling and my entire body shook. I was waiting in the red car by the lake. The atmosphere was breezy and cold and the sky was a very dark shade of blue; with stars that looked like flying airplanes. 
  I suddenly panicked and was really worried. I trembled and a sick, empty feeling formed in my stomach. I had waited for a while now and he hadn’t turned up. My heart fluttered at the thought of him and the life we had ahead of us. However, my forehead crinkled when I thought about what would happen when we would run away tonight. 
  The torturous sight of him hurt somewhere, broke my heart and I became even more anxious. The watch kept ticking and the lakeside grew extremely dark and silent. The small crickets that were chirping, had gone off to sleep and the wind had slowly died down, which made the green leaves of the tall, maple trees, extremely still. 
  I grew anxious by each passing minute and even drove around the lake to make sure he hadn’t gone somewhere else, but nobody was in sight. 
  The strong rays of sunlight glazed into my eyes as I opened my eyes tiredly. My head was hurting and I felt, groggy and sick. I looked down at my phone to make sure he hadn’t come and gone in the some time that we slept. There was no phone call, no text, no email. Nothing. I felt my fragile heart shatter and into a million tiny fragments that flew everywhere. 
  I spent the entire day on the bonnet of my red car, soaking up the sunlight and feeling lost and confused. I waited for him all day, but he never showed up. Broken-hearted and lifeless, I went back home and straight to my room. I sat on the floor, bawling my eyes out and holding myself, trying to comfort myself in every way possible, but that didn’t work, and slowly I gave up on the bitter-sweet concept of love.   


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