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"Write in a way that scares you a little :)"

"Forgive me darling"

May 13, 2020


A dark blanket of death hung over the field,
As I watched my friend drop lifeless to the ground.
Our fates were forever sealed, 
We would lie here, till, in blood and sweat, we drowned. 

Every day I prayed that no one else would know,
The number of bodies we see and howls we hear
And the hell that young boys go,
Leaving behind all people dear. 

As the golden light engulfed this broken man,
And the angels flew down to sing the holy hymn
Today a new life for me began,
Away from this awful place, where the golden light shines dim.

When I will not be there tomorrow,
I know you’ll miss me and the love we shared
my heart filled with sorrow,
I could never tell you how much I loved and cared. 

Forgive me darling for i have sinned, 
In this bloodbath of war and power
But today, as i’m carried up by this gentle wind,
My innocence shall bloom again like a flower. 



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    I have submitted the reviews on all the pieces you asked me to. Hope it helps! <3

    7 months ago
  • joella

    this piece aches with heartbreak <3 amazing work!

    7 months ago