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4 a.m. conversations when sleep evades me

July 12, 2020


But I wanna run away. I wanna go to a mountain top and scream to my heart's content. I want to sit with my best friend and eat ice cream as I shed all the tears I've held in. I wanna lay in bed with someone I trust with my whole heart right next to me as they tell me everything will be okay eventually. I wanna live a life that makes me feel like I'm actually alive. I wanna be hugged like I'm worth something and like I mean something to someone. I wanna be loved and cared for and not just abandoned when someone better comes along. I wanna be free from blame and arguments and scars. I wanna take a walk with my best friend or go on a hike or go to the beach as we fool around. I wanna have a picnic as we talk about everything and nothing. I wanna be kissed like I'm the only person they're thinking of.
This is a part of a conversation I had with my best friend when we were supposed to be asleep but he stayed up because I could not sleep


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