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By: Anne Blackwood


If you walk to the edge of the earth
I still know how to find you
You need not fear the end of time
My love will be there for you

I can see the fight in your eyes
Darling, the battle is already won for you
Run beneath my golden banner
The weight I give you is called mercy

It's okay to let yourself need rest
My arms are always open
I can see you through this darkness
Lean on my strength now

This is a love song from God. I wrote it while listening to Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath and Together by for KING & COUNTRY.

Peer Review

It really captures the love and security you feel from God, and I think it is very poetic. It also kind of reminds me of what Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia would say.

I like this so much! I would love it if it was longer and explored more concepts in your faith and what you feel from God. Also, the first stanza is so good, I might repeat it at the end.

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