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7 Elements of the Fundemental Hoplessness of Humanity

May 13, 2020

PROMPT: Flashlight

words are more powerful
than physical force

words are as powerful as we make them
we make them powerful

if we did not make words so powerful
we would overcome a power above us

if words were not as extraordinarily powerful
the world would be a phisically chaotic misunderstanding

with words as extraordinarily powerful
the world is a chaotic misunderstanding

happiness costs no money
yet the price is high

survival first
happiness second

happiness gives meaning
to survival

at least some survive
but they are not happy

those alive but miserable forever
may as well be dead

those dead forever
should be alive and happy

happiness and sadness are two different things
tied together by our thoughts and beliefs

we cannot be happy without being unhappy sometimes
but a perfect could be happy all the time

we say be confused now
understand later

the confused now
will never understand

ignorance grows
times become dark

in dark times
we need a laugh

a laugh offends
newly created enemies

our enemies grow strong
we grow strong

we weaken each other
until the world is free of cost

a completely free world
seems easy to take

we all like something easy
we rarely like something hard

easy and hard are essential to us
because we make happy and sad connected

we latch onto one
we hold the other

easy and hard are essential to survival
we cling to happiness and sadness for our lives

let us all take the free world
what was easy is now impossible

nobody gets the free world
it slips away from our control

working together
we could keep the world

with the world
we could work together

we either have both
or we have neither

when it is fun
we all want to do it

when it is not fun
we want others to do it

we do not work with each other
the many work for the few

one tries to own
as much as possible

what is possible
is not always what is right

the enemies of one
call their friends

one calls friends
to kill the enemies

the enemies are dead
and so are their friends

one friend of an enemy
would have given true friendship for all eternity

afraid of death
more likely to kill

accept death
and lose all hope

live life
live life well

winning is impossible
but that is not the objective


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1 Comment
  • Charisse Marison

    Oh my gosh! SOO good! Keep up the awesome work :)

    9 months ago