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Her Ink

May 12, 2020


The blue ink bottle lay beside her notebook, and the ancient quill quivered as she started writing out her soul and feelings of love,confusion and hatred.
It started with happiness which couldn't be expressive in words. The days with the people she loved and the nights of satisfactory chererfulness began to show in her writing. The world looked beautiful and the stars shone as bright as ever, making her life as delicate and amazing as a flower soaking up the rain with love.
But then the pain and confusion in her words aroused her anger, and it came to the fore. The separation from her friends, the grief in her prime and the anger of being terrorized and teased, all were rushing back to her, and to her words.
The writing then turned so long, that neither the words nor the tears could stop. The shiver and fright in her mind showed on the paper in the form of tears. 
And when it finally ended, her soul was at peace; the world was normal for her again. Not happy, but at peace.
She realised that her writing had expressed her silent revenge and the words made her realise her mistake and others'.
Several years after salvation, the very manuscript which creatively expressed her silent fear and retaliation, was spread throughout the world, and came to be known as what we call today a bestseller .


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  • magzimum

    Thank you for your comment, Anne Blackwood, I really appreciate you telling me the typos. I surely will check out your work too!

    12 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    This is really well done. I love the line "The shiver and fright in her mind showed on the paper in the form of tears."
    There are a couple of typos I thought you'd appreciate me pointing out: expressed instead of expressive (line 4), and forefront instead of fore (line 10)

    12 months ago