United States

black lives matter


May 12, 2020


walking through the hallway with this boy 
not knowing he would radically affect my life 
joking and smiling with this boy
not knowing i didn't really like him 

sitting in the classroom beside this boy 
he reaches over and claims he was tickling me 
but it just didn't feel right 

walking through the hallway with this boy 
thinking about the way he touched me 
and was i supposed to like it?
walking a little farther away 

up against the locker 
held to it by this boy 
him groping me 
i didn't know what to do 

walking through the hallway with this boy 
'my friend flirting with him 
wanting to warn her 
but not knowing how 



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  • aralyn.kay

    thank you both. and i love you too cae

    8 months ago
  • Cae

    I’d like to dip this boy’s hands into a vat of acid. You are so strong and I love you so much.

    8 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    Wow.... I have PTSD, but if I didn't, something like this would give it to me. So impactful in so little words.

    8 months ago