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PLease put helpful things and not "the work the was not necessary in the sixty-fifth line.". That doesn't really say anything. Give me some real feedback. Like,"this is good, but you should go more in-depth on this topic you discussed and use more examples.". That's helpful.

Christian Ellsworth

May 8, 2014

The book King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild, changes the way I see human nature by a fairly high quantity because I have seen how people can be. I have seen first hand how people can act and take advantage of others. My personal views on human nature is that people do what they want to do to improve themselves and do not care about the others they will effect. But what Leopold and his government did in the congo, was atrocious. Leopold's military had mistreated, decapitated, murdered, and burned most of the civilization in the congo for money. How you may ask? By collecting rubber. And if a substantial amount or no rubber at all was retrieved, the soldiers would either cut off the right hand or the head of the native people who were sent to collect the rubber or burn down the village the natives all lived in. That is horrible and inhuman. These people would do this anyways for fun and not get into trouble either. In the text, Henry Morton Stanley says that he shoots the natives for fun and would do it on any occasion. These people can be a very soulless. Stanley had also said that he got into a canoe accident and six white people died and twenty two africans died including one being eaten by a crocodile. And this is before Leopold had gained control of the congo. All these things that happened down there at this time and all the murder rivals the Holocaust as the largest world tragedy. But, Leopold had caused all this out of greed and to put the icing on the cake, Leopold lied about it. He told the other world powers that he was on a philanthropic mission into the Congo and he told the church he was spreading the Holy word of Christ. First off, he was taking money from rubber and slaves and wasn't giving anything to other people. Second he wasn't even religious, he never visited church, he may have prayed as a kid but that is unknown. Leopold had lied to the worlds greatest powers faces and got away with it. But, once a man by the name of George Washington Williams had visited the congo, Everything changed. He blew up Leopold's spot and showed the world what he was actually doing down there and every country was furious. Only a short time ago from our time, the congo had gained independence, and to this day fighting is still going on down in the congo. The atrocities that took place down there have and still are going into history as the one of the most vile and murderous imperialistic movement of all time. This happened not to far back, but far away enough where one would think people would learn. No. People still use these same tactics, just not as severe. People lie and manipulate others to get whatever they want, usually money, and these people don't care how the others they are manipulating get what they want. These things are seen everywhere. I would hope people of the modern society would learn from this but sadly not many people know about this. This tells me about the current human nature is still self-centered and it is exactly what I expected of people. So history may eventually "repeat" and everyone would think it was an isolated incident but rulers have been doing this for hundreds of years. And again, not many know these things happened. I think that people are still going to be self-centered for a long time because each generation believes it is a every man for himself world. No one wants to take the first step. this is why the fellow people of society cannot move on from these things. I see this as a old decrepit bridge that on the other side is a world that everyone wants, and no one wants to cross it because it looks dangerous but it is really not. All people do is care for themselves and not get bothered by what minute occurrences happen in another persons life, just what can effect themselves. This needs to stop. We need to be able to care for one another. But no, just self-centered individuals make up the society we live in. So, my view of human nature has only been amplified and not really changed from what it was to begin with. What I think needs to be done about it, hasn't changed either. We have to learn from the past to build a better future for society.


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