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when the world began

May 12, 2020


listen to her. fronds unfurling. 
we all will listen to her.
hushed. trembling. gingerly
she whirls in the wake of sunlight.
on her head, organic jewelry
glistens without gemstone touches.
listen to her. emerald leaves breathe.
take one more breath and she is freed.
roots gripping the earth, grasping life
for all that life is worth. she still
dances to the forgotten drum.
youthful prances fit for a queen---
oh she, she is royalty.
listen to her. teacup parties.
her nerves, visible and branching.
centuries wove her a thick hide.
“wear it, girl.” she wears it, merry.
take one more breath and let her feed.
she crawls toward the opal midnight---
slinks to open skies, beckoning
for the sun to grace her body.

this calm ruler is in peril.

teenage vigor that never dies
often stabs itself in the heel.
why the heel? why, with the green beasts
we shall never kneel. crystal flank
gorged by the mouth of the river.
evergreen, fever green, fel green.
prairies are caverns of daylight,
flooded by this time. tranquil---
we are tranquil at long, long last.
from afar, we gaze out windows.
we gaze through stars to see more stars.
earth spins yet we have frozen here.
listen to her. fronds unfurling.
see how she drifts, ever-moving.

observe the world beyond in spring,
in brief time for new beginnings.
these gentle beasts burn bright despite
the storm pulling many from sight---
from human sight--- the survivors
who trudge on against our culled ranks.

we reek of terror and relief.
nature reeks of nature exact.
bark bones, twig claws and teeth intact.
she is ever-changing, and thus
never-changing. flourishes she
under her crown and brightly beams.
take no more breaths and she may leave.
in centuries she will return,
and it will be spring. the world
has always begun in the spring.


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  • The Ha

    Emotions were done justice to by these simple sentences...kind of thing I like...
    Everything on point....superb

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    no words. this isn't the type of writing you read lightly. absolutely brilliant.

    7 months ago
  • Dmoral

    this, this is different. and i like it.

    7 months ago