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Mørkens Hemmeligheder (The Dark’s Secrets)

Mørkens Hemmligheder| 1 |F e e d b a c k p l e a s e

May 12, 2020


   Black. The first thing he noticed was that it was black. Dark, his mind supplied helpfully. The darkness was everywhere. He held a hand in front of himself. He couldn’t see it.    
  He couldn’t hear a thing either. His heart rushed in his ears. He could feel it. Not hear it. 
  “Hello?!” His mouth moved and yet nothing came out. The silence was deafening. The darkness pressed around him, like a heavy blanket, smothering him. 
  He clutched his head. He could feel his breath quicken. So he stopped breathing. 
  A burning jolt started in his chest spreading to every nerve in his body, like fire was shooting through his veins. 
  He screamed.
The burn ebbed but he kept screaming, clutching his hair tightly, hunched over. He didn’t know which way was up and which was down. It was all the same. 
  Just Darkness for miles and miles and miles and forever.
  He screamed until his throat throbbed. A trickle of blood crept down to his chin. He couldn’t feel it. He could taste it.
  The silence hammered upon his brain. The darkness grew tighter. He closed his eyes. Nothing. He opened them. Did he open or close them?
  Hello. HelpHelphelp
  His knees buckled and he dropped down onto the soft floor.
  And he was out like a light
This is the first part of a story I have planned out. I had the idea of posting a part every week, to improve my story writing. If you’d like the idea please let me know :)


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  • Emi

    This really captures someone's despair and pain. This is a great start!

    7 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Oh, thank you so much, Anne! You have no idea how much that means. <3

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    "Dark, his mind supplied helpfully."
    Lines like this keep showing me that you could be famous for this someday.

    7 months ago