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roses and thorns #ekphrasis(3)

May 17, 2020


                                                                    she was different.

her roots stretched into the same soil, yes,
    but her heart was elsewhere, from elsewhere.

            and they couldn't understand.
                                                                                    her seeds had blown in from overseas;

                                                                                    they've rolled in foreign dirt and licked at unfamiliar skies. 

                    they couldn't understand.

coating their words with honey, manufacturing them in a warehouse of 
                                                                                                            false first impressions.
for things are hardly what they seem.

her rusted petals delved into soul after hardened soul, looking for a friend, 
                    but she was
                                            mocked at every turn. 

mimicked by even the birds who soared overhead, rarely to be bothered with the 
                                                lowly antics of those who lived on the ground.

and she never knew the answers to their inquiries that haunted her as sheets of mist drifted across the sky.

                            the battlefield of her mind claimed more victims with every coming sunrise.

            she cowered as the other flowers tease, whispering her floral soliloquies into the breeze,

                            ignoring their thorny jabs. 

                she's not one of us.
                        she'll never be one of us.

        she tried to fit in, yes,          {o v e r}   a c h i e v i n g     
                                                                                      breathing answers into the sandstorms
                                                                                that threatened   to uproot         what she'd worked toward.

she longed {no, needed} to hear that she was significant.

    'i'm you,' she dreamed to breathe into their souls.
                        'you're me,' they would cry out, finally understanding.

                               they would prance around together, leaves entwined, thorns enlaced,
                                                                                                 arabian mares in a deserted meadow.

                        and they did.

        she could never drip honey off her sentences like they could.
        she could never man her blood-red ship with as much confidence,
                                                                                                but she flourished and flowered.

       a glimmering sheen coated her petals, one of overcoming adversity,

                                                            one of stretching roots deep into uncharted soil.

        she adapted,

                                                                                            and she's you.
                                                                                                                    and you're me.
Based on Vinter Vejen's I Flowered A Soft Pink Rose

I in no way did this piece justice, so please check it out!


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    Loved the personification here!

    6 months ago
  • fatpanda

    ahh i loved vinter's piece so much, and yes, i feel this comes quite close as well! :))

    7 months ago