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Elizabeth's Travels

May 11, 2020

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I walk into the kitchen, my skirts brushing on the narrow door frame. The kitchen is small, just large enough for me and two other cooks to bake the bread, prepare the tea and cook the meat.                                                                           
    "Mr Addington wishes to see you Mam," Carol says, biting her lip.                                  
    "But there is bread to be made, I shall not leave you and Dorothy to do it on your own."        
    "We can manage Mam, he was very specific that you must come today."   
    Despite a rather uneasy feeling about this I walk down the staircase, towards the west wing where Mr Addington's study is located.           
    "You wanted to see me Sir?" I bow.
    "Yes, I have become rather distressed by the, er, rodent problem."                                                                              
    "Do you wish me to let one of the terriers loose again Sir?"                                                                                        
A minute smile noticeable on his face, the man reaches into the draw of a cabinet, "I am afraid that if we let a terrier loose, it will just kill some of the rodents, but not find their source."            
    I gulp, this doesn't sound good, "So what are you suggesting Sir?" I am nervous to hear the answer.                             
    "I am suggesting that we send you in instead." The object that he took from the draw is a small statue of himself.
    "Mr Addington-" I begin, but it's to late, he point the head of the statue at me. It begins to glow, almost blindingly bright. I feel a tingling sensation, and the it feels as if I am being dunked in hot wax. Needless to say I won't be doing that again. I open my eyes, realizing that I had them tightly shut. I look up, way up, almost to the sky and see Mr Addington.   
    "What are you doing up there?"            
    "The real question is, Elizabeth, what are you doing down there?"    
I suddenly realize, Mr Addington is not a giant, I am miniature.

It is hard work looking for mice, it seems as though they are there when you don't want them and not there when you seek them. In the hallway I bump into Dorothy. Or she bumps into me.
    "Down here Dorothy!" My voice comes out squeaky. Dorothy brushes her hands on her wight maids apron, looking down at me.
    "Elizabeth! You are only three inches tall. How did this happen?"   
    "Never mind that now, could you get me to the dining room?"    
    "You know us servants aren't allowed in the dining room."                    
    "I have a pass from Mr Addington to go wherever I please to catch the mice."            
    "Very well then."
Dorothy scoops me up in one hand and walks briskly in the direction of the dining room. When we are there we say our goodbyes and I scamper down toward the hole in the wall where we have seen the mouse before. the wall is slightly crumbled in this spot, I don't pretend to enjoy hunting mice under the foundations of the mansion but sometimes, you have to do what has to be done. 
    I brush away some debris around the entrance to the hole. Mustering all my courage I walk into the mouses home, it is dark in here and at first I can't see a thing, then something strange happens, I appear to be glowing. I think it is part of the shrinking that now I glow in the dark. It is a faint glow but enough to see in this gloomy strange place.
    I turn left and walk along a miniature mouse corridor, the walls are all crumbling.    
    Then I hear it, a scratching just around the corner, it must be a mouse. Creeping quietly so as not to scare it, I walk slowly to the end of the tunnel and turn around the corner. I gasp. Of all the things to find down here, this must be the most peculiar thing of all.
    "Dear lady." The gentleman bows low, "I am one of the old servants to that old pillock. Come this way and I will introduce you to the others." 
    It is strange that there are tiny people meeting down mouse holes, but it is stranger that I am one of them. 
    The gentleman leads me down a long mouse hallway, and into a room. The room is similar to the drawing room of the mansion, with couches and rugs all in tiny form.
    "This is Eleanor, and Clifford, my name is Bennett. Dear lady, what is your name?"    
    "We have been living down here for a few years now, is that right?" he turns to the others and they nod in agreement. "Well, as I was saying, we have all been charged at some time or another with hunting down the mice. When we came down here we found the freedom was nice, and decided to stay permanently."
    Eleanor interrupts, "Would you like to stay to?"    
    I think for a moment, it would be nice to never have to worry about pleasing Mr Addington, but I am good friend with Dorothy and Carol, it would be hard to leave them. "Hold on, I'll be right back."    
    I sprint along the hallways dodging people. I push open the door to the study and there it is, the statue.
    Five minutes later I am walking back into the hole, Clifford walks up to me, a mouse trotting by his side, Eleanor and Bennett in tow.
    "Gentlemen, and lady, meet my friends Carol and Dorothy."

                                                                                the end.


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