souled out


❝call me when the
world stops turning.❞


i'm souled out.

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what fools are we, to let the world burn for each other. there's the age old question, to sacrifice one for the fate of the world. but you, you've never thought like the rest of them. and now look at us, standing in the ashes of who we used to be as the world burns around us. one life for the world. as i look around, i wonder -- is this really the wrong choice?

chocolate chips

May 11, 2020


oh for heaven's sake
stop lecturing me on eating sweets
you're my little sister
and i know what you eat
so you can't say anything

and trust me
i'm much more scared of my power
to gulp down 1/8 of a cup
of "semi-sweet chocolate morsels"
than i am of your pitiful threats

after all
you're only seven
leave me alone please
let me run upstairs
with my bowl of chocolate chips
thank you very much
and don't you dare tell anyone



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1 Comment
  • Cosmogyral

    the comedic genius you would've been renown for if you'd written 'and don't you dare tell mom'. this was awesome, thanks.

    10 months ago