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Coffee Filter Candor

May 11, 2020

PROMPT: Flashlight

If someone asked you,
how's your coffee tasting?
You would smile and say,
pretty good, and you?

But the caffeine you're drinking,
Comes at a price:
By giving you life to do things,
It takes away homes from forest brings.

If someone asked you,
do you like deforestation?
You would shake your head and cringe,
of course not, do you?

But the caffeine you're drinking,
Comes at a price:
The companies who partake in deforestation,
Are the ones that make this filtration.

If someone asked you,
where do you put used coffee filters?
You would shrug and take a quick sip,
the trash I think, don't you?

But the caffeine you're drinking,
Comes at a price:
The coffee filters are easily littered,
Discarded after one use.

If someone asked you,
why do you drink coffee?
You would yawn and stretch your arms,
I need the energy.

But the caffeine you're drinking,
Comes at a price:
You're hurting the world when simply
Eating and sleeping better would suffice.


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  • Wisp

    sunny.v totally nailed that comment and she's so right. This piece, well I forgot the prompt, but reading it is just so eye-opening. I love your tone here, suggestively condescending with a hint of respite, though it's gentle and barely there. I really adore that. I don't drink coffee since my parents scared me when I was younger, saying caffeine will make me short (and I'm already short enough), so now I just have this stigma and deflective attitude towards it.

    8 months ago
  • sunny.v

    okay so i read the prompt upon looking at this and i was like. cringe, i've gotta admit. i have preferences and things, and i'm almost always unimpressed when people try to be "quirky" and show how human behaviors are oh-so whack. but THIS PIECE!! you killed it, my dear. slayed it. showed up to the block. you make your voice so coy and questioning yet smug that i'm like oooh. coffee? maybe that IS odd. you've also got this enigmatic air written in that i'm like hnghhdhdhshdsbs for. i think maybe my bias towards writing about the mundane seeped into how much i like this piece because you're like "coffee filters...discarded" and im like whew. i can't drink coffee much/have anything caffeinated since my insomnia is bad enough that caffeine will just worsen it, but now im like HA. who's missing out now, tree haters? anyways. you slayed this prompt, mon ami!!

    10 months ago