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pronouns: zhe/zhir/zhirs/zhirself
Gender: no idea
i write my feelings

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This is my play script

Rhodas story

May 19, 2020

Scene 1
(A single spotlight reveals Rhoda wearing skinny jeans and a NYC t-shirt)
Rhoda:(semi-confidently) Eunice?
(She looks across the audience with a slightly scared look on her face)
Rhoda: Eunice?(pause) You'll never believe what my parents are making me do!
Eunice: (with a puzzled look on her face) You were looking for me?
Rhoda: My parents are making me go to Paraguay!
Eunice: But we had our summer all planned out!
Rhoda: I know!
(the two girls stare at each other for a moment)
Eunice:(downheartedly) I guess we'll have to do next summer

Scene 2
Delilah(mum): Honey you need to start packing for Paraguay
Rhoda:(rolling her eyes) Mum! Do I have to go? 
David(dad): Yes! you need to start being part of the church!
Rhoda:(sighing) What will I need?
David:(with an excited look on his face)  I'll print off the list

Scene 3
(At the airport)
(Rhoda and her family walk on)
Solomon: Rhoda! I'm so glad you decided to come!
(Abi walks on)
Abi: You came! What did Eunice say about it?
(Rhoda squirms in her seat)
Rhoda: I didn't tell her it was with youth
Abi:(taking a seat beside her) Why not? (she sighs) you're not embarrassed, are you?
Rhoda:(squirming some more) No… it’s just my friends don’t like church; they think it’s stupid
Abi: and you’re worried about what they’ll think of you
Rhoda: I guess
Abi: Do you have your bible with you?
Rhoda: No, I find it hard to read
Abi: It’s a good thing we have an hour before our flight
(she takes her by the hand and starts walking)
Rhoda:(stuttering) what… where are you taking me
(they walk over to Rhoda’s parents)
Abi: Delilah, David
Delilah:(turning to face them) Yes
Abi: Could you take us to the nearest Christian bookshop?
Delilah: Let me just ask your youth pastor
(Rhoda, Abi, Delilah and David walk over to Solomon)
David: Is it ok if we just pop to the Christian book shop down the road
Solomon: Of course! Do show me what you buy
Rhoda & Abi: Of course we will!
(the four of them walk off)

Scene 4
(the bell rings as they walk into the Christian bookshop)
David: So girls, what are we buying?
Abi: (Gesturing to the table of bibles) Rhoda needs a new bible
(she walks to the table)
Abi(cont.): We need to get her a life application bible
Delilah: (walking over to join her) and it needs to be pretty, doesn’t it Rhoda
(Rhoda walks over to join them whilst David chats to the shopkeeper)
Rhoda: (picking up a Turquoise Bible) This one looks good
(she turns it over to look at the price and her face falls)
Rhoda: Oh it’s 30 pounds
(she goes to put it back but is stopped by Delilah)
Delilah: Let me see… it’s a Girls life application study bible and I think it’ll be perfect let me go and ask your father
(she walks over to David and they talk about it Quietly whilst Abi and Rhoda chat…)
Abi: I have a bible just like it at home
Rhoda: You do? does it have the same design on the front
Abi: No but it’s similar I have the pink glow in the dark one
Rhoda: That must be cool
Abi: It is, and the best part is that it reminds me that Jesus is the light of the world
Rhoda: That does sound cool
(Delilah walks over to them)
Delilah: We think the bible is perfect and your father is paying for it right now
(the two girls jump up and down in excitement)
(David walks over with the bible)
David: sweetie I hope you like this Bible it should work very well for you
(they walk out the door of the shop) 
Scene 5 
(they walk into the airport)
Solomon: hello girls what did you buy 
Rhoda: we got a Bible 
Solomon: cool can I see 
(she pulls out the Bible from her bag)
Rhoda: it's a life application study Bible 
Solomon: that looks cool 
(more of the youth group walk in)
John: hi Rhoda I'm so glad you came 
Rhoda: hi John I got a new Bible 
Abi: it's cool isn't it 
John: it does look cool 
Solomon: it's almost time to go now guys say goodbye to your families 
(Rhoda and her family hug each other)
David: I hope you have a good time Rhoda 
Delilah: oh, sweetie you're so grown up make sure you don't get hurt or anything 
Rhoda: Don’t worry I'll be fine mom and dad 
(Rhoda collects her things and quickly hugs her parents goodbye)
voice on intercom: board the plane for flight 375 
(the youth group walk off and Rhoda’s parents walk the other way)

Scene 5 
(on the plane)
Abi: Rhoda why don’t you tell your friends about church?
Rhoda: I suppose I could…
Abi: Have a think about it, Eunice might surprise you
scene 6 
(at the airport in Paraguay)
Rhoda: Solomon… did you have friends who didn’t like church?
Solomon: Yeah a few
Rhoda: How did you handle telling them?
Solomon: I just remembered that if it causes them to dislike me then they aren’t real friends
Rhoda: Thanks for the advice my friends think I go to see my grandma every Sunday
(she starts to walk away)
Solomon: (he calls after her) You’re welcome

Scene 7 
(a few weeks later Rhoda is home and chatting with Eunice)
Eunice: So how was Paraguay?
Rhoda: It was good
Eunice: Cool
Rhoda: You know Eunice…
Eunice: What?
Rhoda: (starting to look uncomfortable) I haven’t been entirely truthful with you
Eunice: What… What do you mean?
Rhoda: I know I told you I go to my Grandmas every Sunday but really, I go to church
Eunice: You do? Can I come along sometime?
Rhoda: Yeah sure.

Word count 972



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