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meaningless unrelated irrelevant nighttime wondering

May 9, 2020


my heart is heavy and the night is young and so i write

- - -

my mind is numb
my soul is young


i write letters in my head
to the faces i cant leave behind
and the names that die in my heart again
    and again
          and again


we never look down 
we never look down
we never look back and we never look anyone in the eye
we never look down
coz the sky is bright and below is black and this rope may-
so we never look down
dont ever look


i long or rain and for the cleansing of my skin
my soul
the baptism
of nature


i always find myself
almost unwillingly
in solitude
my feet place me on
family walks
at the back of the pack
and at dinner my brain bids me
to leave for the next room as soon as i have finished
i position myself on the armchair out of eveynos way
during movie nights 
and with my friends it has always been a running joke
how i am always somehow
without meaning to
on the very edge of photos


i have covered my hand in blue eyeliner stars
they circle a crescent moon on the palm of my hand
and then spiral down my wrist
there is a pain 
a longing
many dreams
many sleepless nights
behind those stars
i wonder if my blood would bleed ink blue


as i sleep
once more i hear
the words

meet again
don't know where
don't know

- - -


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