Peer Review by Anne Blackwood (United States)

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stars & stars & stars

By: And_The_Stars_Laughed

PROMPT: Spaceship Earth

we are all
stars for moonlight pours 
from the crevices of our eyelids sluicing
helium & hydrogen as we
burn & burn & burn.

we are all
suspended between our
fears, vast oceans of Space dripping 
shards of obsidian down our
throats, stuffing
doubt as we 
wait & wait & wait
for this to

we are all
constellations, melting pots &
points of sizzle-white light
drawn together by
invisible zig-zag 
lines as we
watch & watch & watch
our world

we are all
unsure and uncertain,
sputtering worry like 
exhaust, gas slinking through 
our nostrils.


we are all
burning & burning & burning
waiting & waiting & waiting
watching & watching & watching --

we're all
stars in the same

Message to Readers

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

Peer Review

A crew is a group of people experiencing the same situation, bonded, together.

I honestly don't have much critique on this piece.

Reviewer Comments

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Your figurative language throughout the piece is spot on, and your message was well-communicated without being forced.