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i'm not perfect.

By: [semi-hiatus] løne wølf


I'm supposed to be smart
My parents expect that of me;
To follow my head, not my heart
And get a prestigious degree.

For me they’ll demand
Full scores for every test
But they don’t understand
That I always try my best.

The annoyance in their eyes,
The fury in their words,
The disappointment in their sighs,
They pierce my soul like swords.

The "perfect" daughter I tried to be,
Was masked by their complaints.
The work thrown upon me
Became despised restraints.

They couldn't understand that I'd forgot,
And hurt me as they sighed.
Every little plea and unpleasing thought
They would always cast aside.

I yearned for their pride,
Their comfort and their praise,
But despite everything I tried,
They refused to be amazed.

I’m not perfect nor flawless,
Passionate or mature
Don’t believe I’m not under stress,
And that I’ll be able to endure.

Message to Readers

Please don't take this too seriously. Though they may not show it 24/7, your parents love you! Blow your mom a kiss and thank her for all she's done. Give your dad a hug and thank him for everything he's done to support you.

Peer Review

The really rigid structure honestly. it's enough to make a poet swoon.

Maybe, you could add in a couple parts appreciating your parents. Just a few lines saying how they push you to be better maybe. For the duality

Reviewer Comments

Dude, I love you're writing, you do so much of it and it's all awesome.