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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

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I decided to write about "me" being broken in third person... with male pronouns. Not sure why but it just fit? Very strange. Feedback is welcomed like always!

writing about brokenness in third person because my body feels like its been hit by a truck

May 9, 2020


today it is worse than usual.
the crows are scattering after being anointed by acid-rain,
and you are diving under their wings to catch him before his insides spill.
you are trying to catch the sludge, curling your fingers in a practised motion
he is too far gone for you to save.

here, don’t you worry. he breaks once every month,
and sometimes nobody can help him-
take the flat heel of your hand and push his ribcage back in;
make sure to do it softly, so it doesn’t catch on his spine
blame the cold sweats he has on the humidity in the air.


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  • Dmoral

    "he breaks once every month, / and sometimes nobody can help him-"
    this is sorrowful and tugs at your hurt when you truly look at what it's saying, but the way you write it makes it almost seem....okay?

    "make sure to do it softly,"
    i love this.

    7 months ago
  • lindsmariebuck

    Wow! This is really good.

    7 months ago