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The Hardships of Growing Your Own Food

May 9, 2020

To begin growing your own food, you must have a growing medium.
This is especially hard to find when you do not have a good source of compost, and…
You live with the gardener's worst nightmare… KENTUCKY CLAY!!!
This is a recipe for disaster.
My solution is amending the soil,
However, this does not work in Kentucky...

This is the process that I use:
First, till the clay on a hot and dry day
This will help the clay not stick to the tiller
Second, add store-bought soil
Third, till
Fourth, soak it for about three days
Fifth, till
Sixth, soak it for about three days
Seventh, till
Eighth, soak it for about three days
Ninth, till
Tenth, Plant

This year I decided to fix up a 25-foot bed in my terraced garden, 
that I had neglected
Since we moved in.
This process was done on this bed.
I think it worked ok.

May 10th we might be having a deep freeze
This would be 6 days after our last frost [not freeze, only frost] date
This is way out of the ordinary.

There is an old saying/tradition in Kentucky that after Derby you can plant outside, turn your irrigation on, etc. 
I think that saying wants to stay true,
Even though Derby was postponed until September, due to the Coronavirus


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