ms. eldritch horror

"people often reveal their true colours when they are held accountable for their actions; there are those who want to make amends and improve their behaviour and those who don't."
- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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no longer active. those with words to say can reach me on prose.

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just reminding y'all posting weird political propaganda: i'm sapphic, i'm pro-choice and anti-gun. so basically everything you conservatives hate :)))

april 2020 wtw highlights

May 18, 2020


every month i'm astounded by how much support i get from this community to promote its writers. in april alone, there were almost 80 submissions, a majority of which i took into account. if you see a piece you submitted in this list, my friend, you have an eye for quality. and thank you to all of you who offered reasons for why you were submitting! without a doubt, this month has had an outpouring of support for the wtw community. there are nearly 150 pieces in this month's highlights, so take your time to appreciate what you can.

(for easier navigation, control+f to check if a piece or writer you submitted appears in this list. if it's not, don't fret! there are plenty more gems to sort through while you're here. take your time.)

dmoral13's "sandman" were women
then when you find yourself on top again, we'll release nightmares
to bring you back to the bottom; (let's create humble men again)

jasmine_k's (G)I-DLE
there are slivers of her skin tied around prison bars
fire as rebirth
and the uttering of mother tongue under the breath to summon.

fatpanda's #agustdv2020
(tw: gore)
i could claw out your bloated eyes, could lick the residue between my fingers and call to glory.

fatpanda's #everprompts
we are static buzzing in empty sockets, jumbled things that hardly fit together, sentences without concrete beginnings—our lulled eyelids betray us often; we are irrevocably selfish.​

asta's à la mode
she is lonely, so terribly lonely. it's a great tragedy,
but she has always wanted to be great.

crow_e's àlainn
you were the one who wrote “i love you” in fifteen different languages and you folded it up in a bird and gave it to me. 

crow_e's albedo
i make a decision and i know, according to the infinite universe theorem, i have just erased an entire existence. ​

norah's an incomplete list of things that have never happened to me:
I am holding hands with a new friend in a graveyard, moss eating into the Hebrew, stones tilting into each other.​

abi's pov's an ode to clots of blood and broken mirrors
(tw: mature themes)
i want to scrub bleach through my dark curls,
    scratch at my scalp until it bleeds.
have you ever seen blood?

and_the_stars_laughed's and i find spring in the oddest of places
the air cuffed my wrists, 
Spring Is Here.

and_the_stars_laughed's and if we're sculpted of linoleum
for she doesn't like fire, this fire,
and doesn't know

jyotsna.r.n's and the words taste of home now
            the letters clinked against my teeth,
  bangles  of gold now. each one was a lullaby.
 a hymn. a mother calling her child home.

brokencorpsesand we'll make art
which is to say/ that this is an apology/ to all the art I neglect trying to make poetry out of the/ streetlight skinny-dipping in/ the hollows of your/cheekbones​

harlo stein's arthur
I had started to memorise him not out of necessity, but out of routine. I’d call it an invasion but I was looking to be conquered.

pirarucu's autopsy
and though shame has left by sun-fall, love is gone by morning,
fear done in by our last words —
grief is in our bones.

    fatpanda says:
    fabulous storytelling; i want to be able to write like that one day

kate gardner's ballad in three parts
     At last you are forgiven. Sing!

     At night, my body yearns separately from me. But
this is the modern age.

agustdv's black hole
caverns of poignancy; the wake in the ache of
small dreams, small pressed feet.

elisa's day 11 of escapril: heaven/hell
i awoke into your chest + begged for closeness, closeness
on sunday afternoons, i ain’t never seen blue like i did in that city,
swallowed up the sky. i’m praying your name.

nicolerae's death in venice
...brew the living macabre in mason jars,
pour lucid nightmares, devout mementos,
into this 1917 Underwood Standard.

    pureheart says:
    This is a very well-structured and engaging piece.

purplepanache's death's diary
When Scheherazade looks at me, she reduces me to a mere presence, like a speck on your wall that you’ve known all your life that has watched you and loved you for ages.​
    purplepanache says:
    to me, this piece is like a baby you are very fond of simply because she reminds you of your younger self.

pouringoutthesun's don’t let yourself die in the dark, a happy ending that does not make
...and everything is not okay, not in the slightest, not even in those fevered dreams of yours//but the sky, it’s a homage to all the best parts of you//and stubbornly, it lightens.

agustdv's error 404: hometown not found
there is an odd solace in accepting your lot in life; monumental agony, crumbling thrones, & how i fancied myself to be ozymandias.

a breath into silence's euros, melancholy
forever he is stealing the harvests, 
stealing the blessed winds of his brothers when they are not looking
so that the winds die out from behind the sailors. the ships fall silent in the seas.

dmoral13's every ending has a beginning (pt 1)
but i'm not ready to fall, i've seen my sister as a shooting star and i didn't like it at all.​

agustdv's f(l)ight
                                        lady liberty lifts her scales;
tipping, the green is paper, the green is poison, the green
is on this side.

purplepanache's falling in love is dumb but realising you've been in love all your life is dumber
real people talking about bodies
about love that is eternal and instant and daft
and i've known you for lifetimes
yet can't remember your face

    purplepanache says:
    this poem means so much to me. it's my favourite child.

agustdv's five centimeters per second
the loop rewinds, grave and cradle 
clasping hands under the streetlights
have you ever wished for someone?
were you ever afraid of wanting to live?

weirdo's float in a siren's poisoned melody
ignite my shattered lips with
salted wine and we'll kiss
like the sea and shore

    n. says:
    short but beautifully worded. plus, sirens. it's a win-win.

n.'s flowers are the words of women
i am an unreachable destination, the tunnel before the light, a map without an x;
there is no heart to speak of in this body of flesh and blood, no roots can catch hold.

    crow_e says:
    this piece is exquisite in imagery and the emotional/narrative arc is powerful. i especially like the line "there is no one in the mirror except the pale lady of the hunt, soft freckles like stardust and moon-burnt hair." "moon-burnt hair"! who thinks of that? N., a genius.

silvernight's forsaken gods
    i promise,
steeples you erect will fall
by no hand other than my own, your tale
a caution, a warning.

angela chen's free-association genesis (a fever dream)
[the apparatus] of time oils into a deathly relentless motion, foils plot after
plot for immortality by creatures made earthly,
roils the perfect existence

    crow_e says:
    this piece is both visually and sonorically [is that a word?] interesting, and it gives me both alan ginsburg and e e cummings vibes.

eaurora's ghost light
this is his haven, his battleground, and
he does not know when he will get to
see it again.

agustdv's growth / decay
perhaps, if presumptuousness was an illness, 
my brain would have collapsed 
from faux philosophies

agustdv's hands / wrists / teeth
pearl sheen in opulent crevices
lips of a monarch. 

    mia_:) says:
    It is just so beautiful and dark, yet so elegant and flowing! I love her descriptive language and her work makes me gasp every time!

jasmine_k's hands, wrists, teeth
ribbon tied around my wrist as a prayer- 
the last little immovable piece of me, coiled against your lower lip and 
your two front teeth

a breath into silence's he can only destroy
Centuries spun past, delicate like sugar, crumbling to ash and dust when he reached out to touch them.​

dmoral13's ii. heart of glass
but eve knows better than to go toward the water. her last encounter left her shaken and soaked to the bone, with fears too dark to mention and secrets far too vicious to think.

weirdo's i am stained by king's speeches on this fourth of july
cotton like cotton like cotton where’s her fourth of july where’s the tar on her skin now where are her tears...

agustdv's i create a man of my dreams
you carry three generations and 
a satchel of boyhood dreams 
on shoulders fashioned 
from yew and steel.

    pureheart says:
    This was such a profound piece, very beautifully written and the language choices are exceptional.

pouringoutthesun's i don’t know what that equation for love is but doesn’t it have something starting with an o in there?
...and you’ve been told that obsession feels dark//like midnight veins beneath wrists//and the bruising beneath eyes//but this feels like redemption...

the contrarian's i mastered the art of loving you | and it's something i regret learning
and i cannot help but stare at you as i would the
full moon on a cool, spring night.                  blazing sun on a summer's day.

efflorescence's i was promised the earth
the mother the earth she cradles freshwater in the crooks of her elbows,
    sluices waterfalls from the gaps in her thundercloud lips and
        exhales oxygen between the fissures in her canopy of bracken limbs.

jeily's i. mini epistolary for the insane
Anyhow, do you remember the broken clock we had as children? I found it in my attic recently and it is still ticking.​

pacificus' icarus
                                        Icarus, tell me of another story,
                                                                                        I beg of you.
A story where the sun is merciful
                                The flames have gone cold
                                                and I am no longer a metaphor.

a breath into silence's if the world is gilded in gold, they are blind to color.
you learn in the smallest stumbles
how defeat tastes in your mouth. and you loathe it,
for it stings like pineapple on your tongue.

jasmine_k's indistinct singing
i am serpentine without a body,
rounded cuts of silk, clenching around glass in cold water.

    the campbell's kid says:
    This piece really captured my attention with its beautiful imagery. It was just generally a breathtaking poem so I thought it deserved some attention.

loveletterstosappho's lady of the lake
                     ...but my   touch
is     soft   like no   man's       soft
like   undisturbed    flowers  like
lilies    between teeth    like
merlin     never was...

    n. says:
    the format was so enchanting and the whole piece had an ethereal villain appreciation vibe and that's what i live for.

scripturience's language arts & crafts
                                                nobody must know
that i've been here for hours, days, years,
curled over my notebook, my back a question mark
casting curved shadow on the page.

pouringoutthesun's let’s scratch ourselves on the blackberry bushes until we feel young again
...and in the end, it’s like, you can’t have your childhood back//but maybe; this is enough.​

angela chen's liberty, asterisked
                                              but good that this por’slain lady liberty sleeps.          
                              she is an idea,    and ideas are  too precious to wake;
                                      so keep her resting      /   kind  /  unborn  /  
                                               under    a    broad    dark    pall
                                       in her  velour  casket,     beautiful as a womb.

    weirdo says:
    angela is seriously out here being such a goddess with her poetry, it's not fair (but is also totally fair because she deserves it)

abi's pov's love me until we're plaster statues in museums
I'd be the crows that picked at Prometheus,
but only if you really want to love a broken thing,
if you really want that punishment.

    crow_e says:
    i love the imagery in this piece and all the greek mythology references, and it's really emotional.

jun lei's medusa
maybe you'll become someone else, perhaps
Narcissus, drunk on his own beauty
hypnotized, mesmerized
barely even

    a breath into silence says:
    What a refreshing take on Medusa’s story! Jun lei is truly a talented writer, and in her stanzas I have found a completely different woman from the gorgon from the myths. In between greek mythology references and clever imagery comes a strong and powerful voice - one that should be heard.

poojapressely's mistaking light for a hero
Your ribs were glued-together safety matches & 
your heart a grandfather clock.

    fatpanda says:
    pooja is the epitome of poetry, if her instagram account is anything to go by. every word is carefully placed and she jumps eloquently from one description to the next, awing us with her unique way of writing. her metaphors are amazing, and this is just one of those poems you tear off a book and pin it up somewhere you can see it every day.

agustdv's moon moon moon
did you look at me?
        three decades too      early
                 for a memorial service.

    a breath into silence says:
    Just like the moon, this piece was both entrancing and delicate. The format was gorgeous, and the language so masterfully done that I could almost see the scene and the light slipping through the curtains.

dmoral13's iii. murmuring stars
"moonlight princess," eve said, the words poison and toxic. "you shall never truly be queen, you'll never be enough."

eaurora's my city
I want to lay a breadcrumb trail down these tangled
suburban limbs, make my mark in every fingertip.

surly wombat's on the origin of species
i wait and watch for my own extinction, forever frozen, stretched skin, taxidermied preservation

amalia's orange soda blossoms
I am my own false idol.

poetri's p a i n t
...and oh how i really really desperately want to run away to new york this summer where i can just lose myself in a big crowd of people, lose my mannerisms to theirs, become beautiful and  lifeless and citylike. 

agustdv's p a r a s i t e
aquarius chests and frida kahlo unibrows
how did you crawl into this quagmire?
was the allure of lunacy too irresistible?

asta's paint my sky
There's a slight pressure on her forehead, a fleeting kiss, and Charlotte cherishes the wet imprint, thinks that this must be what baptism feels like.

eaurora's parasite
I have asked her to leave time and time
again but every time she starts to
take down her pictures I pitch and start
and beg her to stay because I am afraid
of how quiet it will feel without her.

    pureheart says:
    I just love this piece. There's not much left to say except read it for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

dmoral13's peeling layers of the past from their skin
"too close for comfort" the saying goes, something you only know when your bones have burned and pieces of you lay in ashes picked up by wind.​

momentsilence's premortem
the sky has whittled itself bare, starved itself
into something dry and gaping: bone-marrow
brittle, a single blurred frame.

    mia_:) says:
    I honestly don't know what makes me love this piece so much; it just has a great rhythm and flow! Simply breathtaking!

weirdo's pretty things skinny things
for a skinny thing skinny thing she was rather ample;
i soar through her body looking for a lovely nest;
skinny thing skinny thing i will make you whole again...

crow_e's prometheus and his crows
the eagle drank his fill,
the other birds have come and gone,
i am the shell of a body,
an echo chamber of once was.

agustdv's react / ion
god, how i pined for the rain; 
how i wrote anthologies of desecration,
my hometown cracked like a skull split into
incomprehensible splinters.

jasmine_k's retrograde / excuses for war
the first man to open the door is always
white devil, lǎo wài / and textbooks washed clean with rice-wine

eaurora's saturate
the models winking, skin and bone
and futures piled like glass unblown

agustdv's serpentine
serpents smile under faux moonlight; witching hours
salem in the skin. the cassock will fall, bare shoulders
gleaming, fangs, pews of god tainted by sins of man.

rosemarywisdom's seven bridges road - an original screenplay
If you drive far enough away from the dusty-rose lights of the city of Los Angeles, where the fickle lines between fame and fortune are often blurred, and the scent of broken dreams and promises linger in the air between passerby, you'll reach a long stretch of desert road, where the painted sky never seems to end and, even if just for a moment, no matter how wayward or how far gone you are... you're home.​

a breath into silence's she cannot save herself
Red has always loathed eternity, but it was an empty loathing, lacking energy and spirit. She wanted to live until the stars died, wanted to scream at the empty void as it all came crashing down. Infinity is not something to fear, but long for.

weirdo's she smells of wilting, white roses; zora
Zora is a muddy Nile
cloaked in sparkling sea foam
and crackling fish ossein

pouringoutthesun's shirk this glory off your back and wander home to the cottage you grew up in
...but gilded edges do this thing were they fade//and it’s like; have you ever seen the corners of your hometown do that?​

weirdo's soak your milky skin in my tide
you meet aphrodite on the roof of tracy’s mansion
plucking grapes from god’s pupils like lazy corpses

    fatpanda says:
    lately weirdo has been publishing so much beautiful writing that leaves me speechless, and this was no exception. this was very intriguing but also very pretty, and i really like the overall vibe(?) of this poem.

norah's spring on mars
oh! for spring on mars, bright as 
a birthday card, sweet as the overripe
plum of the earth, it would be worth it. 

agustdv's sub-merged
[the] kind that birthed and buried mangled human limbs
in baptist compost pits. the kind that noah renounced
hundred years of his life to build an ark for.

pouringoutthesun's sweet things like flowers but now thread them through old bones
hyacinth-coloured bruises on your wrists//and chrysanthemums trailing through your rib cage​...

the contrarian's teach boys the female anatomy
because the young girl, she knows so much pain
with the binds around her limbs and brain
help her, young boys, this i will ask
as someone who was a young girl in the past.

    pureheart says:
    I just think everybody should read this. It's so intricately done as if the writer hand-picked each individual word to create something beautiful and meaningful. The rhymes are also on point! The writer didn't just rhyme for the sake of it, but every sentence was clearly thought out and planned well.

jeily's the apocalypse personified (you and i)
because we know we're never going to last;
the candle always burns out eventually,
and we're always relighting it, even if the wick's turned black.

    a breath into silence says:
    Snared between stanzas is a kind of wild love that rides on motorcycles and screams along to the music on the radio. It is a beautiful story told in masterful poetry, and while I cannot completely pinpoint what made me so enraptured with this poem, I can certainly say it is wonderful.

amalia's the armoury
We come in droves, frothing at the mouth and baying for blood.
Our enemy invisible, stretched across the world like the taut skin of a drum, 
A global shroud signalling the newest apocalypse.

and_the_stars_laughed's the art of entity
i press courage through the ocean's eyes,
roll persistence past obsidian-stroked shells 
dipped in saltwater and fish-blood
    mia_:) says:
    I LOVE this piece! It's so descriptive and makes me want to laugh, scream, and cry all at the same time (no idea how that would work)! Just so beautiful and I feel as if I'm there!

lawreaj19's the cursed manor
Tenebrosity blankets the hills of Scotland as the Manor falls into a world of total darkness.​

jeily's the fairest of them all
evil stepmother looms over as the huntsman gets to work.
down goes the axe,
its tip grazing through the skin.
behind it, the unfolding incision blossoming like a flower.

surly wombat's the stages of human decomposition
            i am the same as them;
my eyes are gone, flesh,
lungs, my stomach,
and we
survive through hollowed bones.

a breath into silence's the strong will be remembered
Alessi is no king, but a pretender can still wear the crown all the same. He lets himself become drunk on the glory and lets his followers gild him in gold.​

n.'s the two minutes hate
they shout over his words, lest he begin making sense
because the day they agree with him is
the day the sky runs magenta.

n.'s there is no title for what is hidden
i don’t know what i felt in early september when the leaves thought about falling and you stumbled into my orbit; why i laughed at your smile, played with your hair. why i said yes.​

a breath into silence's they are born of nothing
There is a crown of flowers on her hair and dirt underneath her fingernails, and for a moment he wonders if she is Persephone, given freedom from the Underworld.

a breath into silence's they are both cowards
There was always a sickly sweet taste on Aisha’s tongue when she woke, and she had come to associate it with truths she didn’t want to know. How do you look somebody in the eye when you’ve seen their darkest secrets in your dreams?

n.'s they drove me away with their hypocrisy
for we are not ashamed of breathing; we are not ashamed of life;
we are ashamed of how we got there.

fatpanda's this phantom kingdom we promised to raze
we can cause buildings to crumble and children to collapse and volcanoes to erupt and fires to start and people to suffer—we are divine figures, drunk on this feel of seclusion, dazedly spinning in the same circles over and over again.

rainandsonder's three months in one vignette
...i still get chills/sometimes in the middle of class/like there was/something or someone i left/behind a long long time ago.
    a breath into silence says:
    What a beautiful way to come back to write the world. rainandsonder manages to capture the mysterious time between the old and the new, where everything is uncertainly certain.

jengelman's to be prepared
So, we Pray to the God of loss,
The God of Small things,
for tomorrow to never come,
for the little things.

dmoral13's i. twilight keeper
her name is freya, and she’s the gatekeeper. but that’s what mortals would call her, all those who know of the unknown and speak the unspeakable call her for what she is, the twilight keeper.​

wicked!'s twilight tears
good goddess, cleanse my
wounds with your saltwater tears 
and i'll preserve your
soul of glass in brine.

agustdv's twin peaks
seven months after i, shell-pink lump of amniotic fluid first
wailed between my mother's legs, the world
cocked its double-barrel rifle and 
shot itself in the face.

    n. says:
    probably one of the most intriguing and incredibly emotional poems i've read. as an american living in a predominantly christian area, seeing such a different but important perspective on 9/11 was eye-opening.
purplepanache says:
    honestly, i might as well nominate all of agustdv's poems. reading their work is like walking into a room with furniture from different eras and yet they all look like old lovers and you are filled with a chilly kind of warmth. i believe all poets are equal but some poets are more equal than others.

jasmine_k's unfinished. (written on paper cone containing 地瓜球, 2019)
i sip red bean soup on the balcony and pretend i am not an offering,
and mama cuts me bangs in the courtyard among the mosquitoes.

dmoral13's volume of a sphere
that's why most night now you sit in your room
alone, thinking needless thing and writing about
tragedies, and just praying that everyone's
remembered in their prime

n.'s we carry the stars with us
the glow of the hunt was gone. berry wine was poison on her tongue, the touch of her lover made her cry. that which made her female, her gift from the moon, dried up. it was in use.​

skyii's we trust in harmonial discord
A blitzkrieg of the purest white enveloped in the palm of
the Caspian cascades toward Gaia.

jun lei's we want what we cannot have
you are a thief--you prefer term borrower--and you live off what was never yours. 
but only one peach! how you wish you had more.  

astridianmayfly's where only rock remains
bring out your dead!
On collapsed horizons, of doomsdays
four horsemen walk on a well-worn road to 

ruthh's who put bella in the wych elm?
Mr. Ward said it was espionage.
Guns strapped to an eager chest and wicked
Knives strapped to naughty calves.

pouringoutthesun's with blue blood you’d blush blue, right? and i just think that would look really cool
you’ve been here before//won’t you breathe in the choking fog and remember?

enteringemmy's writing streak week 1 day 3
Each time I enter, I am hit with the taste of a Next Week that never quite happened.
Everything lain, performatively formulated, to be thrown into a strange, foreign Tomorrow...

jasmine_k's writing streak week 5 day 1
this is to say: i have missed the slow transition of
wind melting into summer
and no amount of electric guitar riffs can make up for it.

poetri's yes sir yes sir yes sir we should be ashamed
             Mrs. Wolf Why Are They All Dark?--she said to 
       Quiet Now. it's a wonder i don't think
         that's my name. Little Girl. Quiet Now. 

poetri's you are a spectrum of light
      i'd like to scream when he holds up his signs,
             pharisee, hypocrite, who are you to decide
           whoever God should love? pastor of the void, learn
        what wasn't taught in seminary

the contrarian's you told me you bought cancer insurance and it made me sad
let's watch as the daisies die from the
draught in doomsdale today, dear,
and worry about this disaster tomorrow.

norah's you want to talk about their cities:
it is such a shameful thing that they
have only the dust to colonize; to sweep into corners
as it seeps from the ground, as alien
as any sand can be.

crow_e's you will always be from alabama
one day, you will escape.
one day, you will peel back your old shell.
one day, you will be as bright and hot as that Alabama summer sun. 
one day, you will be free. 


congratulations to all of april's amazing writers! all of these pieces are worth a read, a like, and a comment if you feel so inclined (and you should), and i'd suggest checking out some of the other pieces of mentioned authors as well. (rules are rules, i can't accept pieces that didn't come out this month but there are some really good ones that were released a while back.) hope this brings a little more recognition to those who deserve it.

on a side note, keep an eye on writers of the world. they haven't released must-reads for april yet, but they've got an amazing track record for these kinds of things. writers of the world do great things for writers (aka giving them actual reviews for spectacular work). they have a much more organised system than i do, and give prizes for the top pieces in each category. go check them out!


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    You're incredible for putting these together each month, really. I don't know how you do it!

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    ahhhhh yesss thank youuu so much for including me in me in this again!!!!
    also um i am so sorry about yesterday, i was a bit overwhelmed, mind commenting the link of the server in a piece of mine :)

    5 months ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    Thanks so much for the shout-out and comment on my piece! It means a lot that you think that, especially since the larger story of Seven Bridges Road (it's not finished by a long shot) is so personal to me. You're awesome and thanks for making sure every talented writer gets apt recognition!

    5 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    Every month I am so so so grateful to be included in these lists. The amount of talent you discover and display for all of us is so incredible, and I'm forever in awe of how you do it. I don't say this nearly enough but thank you so much for everything you do for this community. It wouldn't be the same without you.

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  • Writers of the World

    i feel as though, it's only fair

    April Must Reads are UP!:

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    Thank you for taking the time to create this, I feel so honored to be included in this incredible list!! :)

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    your highlights were my jumping off point when i joined this site, so being included in this is just.. thank you.

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    i feel so honored to be featured in this. and all the beautiful pieces that have touched me so much. thank you so much for doing this.

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    Once again, thank you so much for compiling this!

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    a queen a queen a queen. each month, its an honor to be included in your highlights. each month, i think to myself, ah no, its not possible. but you always try so hard, anha, and i think i have always appreciated you, but not told you that enough. im glad you exist.

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    last month's list really help overcome my writer's block, and I can't wait to get to reading all of these pieces. thank you anha :))

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  • Dmoral

    oh my goodness, i just control f my name for the heck of it.....i'm in there 7 freakin' times?!? anha i just don't know what to say. i experienced the worst writer's block in the month of april, most of these pieces originated from contest prompts or my home town blues. i thought i had a few good pieces in there, but 7 worthy of your highlights? ever since you called me an "icon" i've been writing my tail off to prove you write and i feel as though, it paid off?? i just can't fathom this and it just---idek. this is definitely a small victory in my writing career and makes me think, maybe i should finally tell my family i'm a writer?? well, as i contemplate that i wish you the best and want to send a thousand thank yous. *virtual hugs*
    this just makes it harder to take my *spoiler* break from wtw. i've been drafting my piece for a while now....ugh, i just can't. hope my early may pieces are enough to hold me over considering i won't be here for the rest of the month.
    so thanks for a piece of my great big closing for me anha. 'til next time xoxo

    you featured my MINISERIES!!! *screams* i took a break from writing it but now you gave me more motivation to keep going :)

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    congrats to everyone who got into the highlights and thank you so much for putting so much work into these! I can't wait to look at all these pieces!

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    what an absolute goddess. of course, thank you again for all of the time and effort you put into the highlights! reading through that list (that very, very long list) is overwhelming but exciting in the best way possible (especially now that i have time to read them!) <3

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    as always, everyone featured here is so deserving! the hidden talent on wtw continues to astound me, and i'm definitely going to have to go through all of these beautiful pieces. (also, in the future, I'll try not to unpublish all of my writing right before you compile this oops)

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