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Never Really Real (Chapter 1)

July 2, 2020


    I thought having my heart broken was supposed to hurt.
    All I felt was numb.
    Annabelle's been trying to tell me it's okay and console me in any way she can. But I don't feel like anything is wrong. I feel like if I run to the door, he'll be standing on the other side, waiting for me. Jacob. But he won't be. Maybe it doesn't feel real because he broke up with me in a text.
           8:07 a.m.
         I'm sorry, but we r not meant to be.
        Don't be mad but I can't be with you
        anymore because we r to different.

    I felt like I should be crying or screaming or something, but I couldn't. So I sat in the kitchen chair, motionless. I drew 'I love you' on the table and then crossed it out. One hand was holding up my chin.
    "Do you want anything?" Annabelle asked. Her blond hair was still in its perfect ponytail. Mine looked disheveled even though I had run a brush through it this morning. When I was planning to go see Jacob in the park.
    I shook my head, staring at the table.
     "You sure?"
    I nodded. Then there was a knock at the door. Annabelle opened it and Harlow, Jacob's friend stood outside. Annabelle glared at him for several minutes but he whispered something to her and she let him in. They weren't dating because Annabelle wasn't allowed to date until she was sixteen and her birthday was still a month away, but even knew they were together.
    He hugged her and then came over and sat next to me. "How are you holding up?"
    I shrugged. "Fine." I sighed, glancing at him. "It still doesn't feel real."
    He nodded slowly. And then his jaw clenched. "I have news neither of you will like."
    I glanced at him and Annabelle looked curious. That's the way it was with us, always wanting to know more even if what we wanted to know was bad. 
    He swallowed. "Jacob is dating Danielle."
    We were shocked into silence. It was Annabelle who regained her voice first. "Are we talking about 'blonde, diva, most popular girl in school' Danielle or some other girl I don't know about?"
    "The very one," Harlow said, nodding gravely. "Sorry, Maya."
    I shook my head. "Why, though? Why would he start dating her? He's always said he hated her."
    Annabelle balled her hands into fists and turned toward the door. "I will crush his skull into the ground for doing that to you!"
    Harlow grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. She struggled against him but after a minute she gave it up and leaned into him.
    I stood up and faced my friends. I smiled, the best I could do. My brown hair was falling in my face. I shook my head. Their eyes went wide and I heard the front door swing open behind me. I spun around and there he was. Jacob stood there. Danielle's hand was in his.
    I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. He smirked. "What? No words for your ex?"
    "I don't like wasting words on shoe scum."
    He nodded. "That's fair. But why aren't you talking to me? I thought I was your first real love." He was quoting what I had told him weeks before about never really being in love before.
    I glared at him. "That's why I can't cry over it," I said finally. "I guess it was never really real to begin with."
    I stomped upstairs to my room and sat on my bed. I got out my book and read until someone came to get me.

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