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Perfect Place

May 8, 2020


Imagine a different world,
this perfect place.
Where we love one another
despite gender and race.
No more violence,
only peace.
From North and South
to West and East.
War becomes a thing of the past;
we compromise instead.
Every hurt and pain,
we put to bed.
We spread love and peace
because life is too short.
No more hate and abuse,
only love and support.
Let's come together as one
and celebrate our differences.
I pray to God above
for the Lord's deliverances. 
At last, it cannot be
for we bear too much hate.
We need to better our world,
but what if it's too late?


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  • ElsaRee


    7 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Wish this poems become reality soon. I hope we start identifying ourselves as humans first and have some humanity! I loved this poem.

    7 months ago