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Maureen #Tralacontest

May 10, 2020


    I think about her as I walk down the aisle. In every shaking breath, I see her fiery hair flowing down her back. I hear her voice, light and soft as the church bells ringing around us.
    My gown billows around my feet, a mesh veil covering my face. Maybe that's better. That way, they don't see my eyes filling with unspilled tears. Tears for what could have been, for what will never be.
    Through the diaphanous fabric of my veil, I spot Prince Damian standing expectantly on the raised platform. He grins, clad in an impressive black suit trimmed in gold. A silver crown glints on his head.
    Mother's arm, looped through mine, is a reminder of my task. This marriage has meaning. Marry the prince of Northern Lonshyre and end the two-century-long war between our countries. Join our kingdoms and build peace.
    "Remember our plan, lovey," Mother whispers in my ear. Her dark sapphire gown makes her skin appear white. "I'll see you after the wedding."
   She releases my arm. I ascend the white marble steps and join Damian on the platform. A grim smile plays across my lips as he lifts my veil over my head, smiling kindly. Looking out in the crowd, I spot the royals and nobles in the front. Everyone from my side of Lonshyre--Southern Lonshyre--wears our royal colours, silver and sapphire blue. The Northerners wear black and gold, their colours. Beyond them are the commoners of both sides of the country, wearing their cleanest and most expensive-looking finery. There's a clear divide our subjects and theirs; theirs are emaciated, sunburnt faces hidden under strange hats and beautiful gowns. Northern Lonshyre is known for its trade but lacks the right soil to grow food. Ours are well-fed, being from the South, with a new light inside their eyes.
    Right in the front, with her pale blue eyes and adorable freckles, is Damian's sister, Princess Maureen. Her golden dress hugs her hips and makes her hair seem like tentacles of living fire. She's so beautiful that it pains me to look. Tears dot her stunning eyes, threatening to mess her charcoal makeup.
    I miss her.
    While our soldiers engaged in war, we had our own. I saw her many times on the battlefield, ignoring the feelings deep down in my gut. On our first secret rendezvous in the forest, I figured she felt the same way. That glistening red hair gleamed in the moonlight while my dark locks blended in with the rich soil of the South. We melded into each other. We pretended not to know what it meant.
    The first words from the priest snap me to attention.
    I have something to do. Part one: Marry Damian, unite Lonshyre, and become queen. Part two: Carry out Mother's plan to murder Damian so Mother can rule through me.
    Damian grins nervously at me. Though I've had my fair share of both women and men, he pales in comparison to his sister's beauty and kind heart. Still, he's a good man. Looking into his honest eyes, I don't know how I could ever kill him. I can't. I won't.
    I grit my teeth. The priest can't speak fast enough.
    "Your Royal Highness, Prince Damian, and Your Other Royal Highness, Princess Evilla, grab hands as we begin the sharing of..."
    I grab his sweaty hands. Those bells keep ringing. I always thought they sounded beautiful, but now they sound like a death sentence.
    Whichever way Mother's plan pans out, it will leave me unhappy. She has given me slow-working liquid nightshade from the Southern coven to drop into his wine. It would be a slow death that would resemble sickness. However, that doesn't mean that someone couldn't notice me drop in the nightshade. One possible outcome is that Mother and I will be hanged, side by side. No thanks. Another, the most likely, is that I'll succeed, though I'll never be able to lie to Maureen, and she'll hate me forever. An even bigger no thanks.
    "Prince Damian, do you vow to..."
    I cut the priest out of my head.
    I won't do this. I don't want to. I don't want to risk my life, or spend the rest of it guilty, controlled on a leash, and miserable. I don't want to be away from Maureen.
   "Princess Evilla, do you--"
    "I don't."
    The words shock me more than anyone. Damian's face falls. A ripple of gasps and hurried whispers scatter through the crowd, with some outright screams mixed in. I think I hear Mother shout.
    The priest furrows his eyebrows. "You don't?"
    I shake my head. "No."
    I gather my skirts, kick off my ridiculous shoes, and fly down the marble steps. I don't realize how fast I'm running until I'm suddenly beside Maureen. Maybe she ran to me, too. I can't tell. I can't think over the heavy pounding of my heart.
    She breathes in deep pants, constricted by her corset, and takes my face in hers. I warm under her touch and press my lips to her. Another surprised shout runs through the crowd. She wraps her arms around her neck, and mine go to her beautiful ginger hair. I smile against it.
    A third option slides into my mind. Go against Mother. Go against the kingdom. Let the kingdom join in peace under Damian's rule alone. I trust him. Maureen and I will live in the castle together, married and happy, even if we don't rule. And if they don't accept us? We'll run away and move into a little cabin on the beach in the South. I'd like that. I know Maureen would, too.
    "I love you," she whispers.
    The words send a sharp stinging through my veins. I realize suddenly how much I have wanted to hear those words from her lips.
    "I love you too," I murmur. I bite back a sob. "I love you so much."
    In that moment, a third reaction runs through the crowd. Shocked outcries. Jeers and things being thrown. Although one thing surprises me.
    A cheer. I break apart from Maureen, though hold onto her hand.
    It was Damian who cheered. The crowd goes silent. He cheers again, louder, clapping.
    As a result, sparse whistles and applause mix through the crowd, rising louder and louder.
    An icy hand grabs my wrist. Mother.
    "What are you doing, Evilla? This is not part of our plan."
    My voice is surprisingly dry. I stand tall, pretending for once that I'm the one with the authority. "No, Mother. Your plan. And I want no part of it." I turn to the guards. "Actually, while I think of it, seize this woman for treason and scheming against the prince."
    The Southern guards, donning uniforms of silver and sapphire, grab Mother by the arms and drag her toards the castle.
    "No! Release me! I'm your queen, fools!"
    I turn back to Maureen, running my hands up and down her arms. "I guess this was sudden."
    Her breath comes quick. "I guess so. I like it, though."
    I face the priest. "Would you..."
    He shrugs, gesturing towards the empty spot where I was. Damian eagerly backs away and winks at Maureen.
    "He had his eye on my handmaiden, anyway," she whispers in my ear.
    Somehow, I weaselled my way out of things. As I reascend the steps, hand in hand, I realize that I made my own option. I didn't choose marriage to someone I don't love.  I didn't choose murder.  I chose Maureen. And, I think, Maureen chooses me.
   As I grip her delicate hands in mine and watch long eyelashes blink over pale blue eyes, I don't ever think I'll not choose her. I love her.
    I love Maureen.
Yes, I realize that this is not how medieval wedding processions go. I also know that this would likely not be the outcome in these times, although every fairytale deserves its happy ending. This is for prompt three of @Tralala13's #Tralacontest. Being a straight girl (but a huge supporter!!!) I'm not sure if this is realistic or not, but hopefully, it is. This couple is one of my favourites that I've ever written, so thanks to @Tralala13 for isnpiring me!


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    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so glad you like it! Good luck with the rest of your competition and hopefully I can add something for another one of your prompts soon. :) <3

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    oHHHHH MY GODDDD I LOVE THIS SO DAMN MUCH! I relate to Damian when they kiss lmao
    i'd say you have a really great chance for this first prize! Keep it up!

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    realistic or not, this is amazing!! good luck in the competition :)

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