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“When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, “Plot twist!” And keep going.” -(A person who’s name I don’t know)

“Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.” -Unknown Author


May 8, 2020


 The guitar strums a soft melody far in the distance. Another instrument thumps like a heartbeat, the sound ringing in my ears. They are the sounds of memories, though I have never witnessed them. As the waves of sound float gently through the air, I am reminded of places I've never been, people I've never loved, and I long to see them. It changes now, a piano playing a tune filled with longing and... regret. I'm filled with a nostalgia that I couldn't explain, a feeling that, though I've never experience, feels realer than the limbs on my body. Now it's changed again, back to a guitar, plucking a tune that somehow manages to make me ridiculously happy while filled with immense sorrow. How I long to see these memories that the music brings me. I wonder what they'd look like?
 A long car ride through the fields of my hometown, the grass still half dead from a long, hard winter. Sunbeams beat down from a sky the purest blue. Wind blowing through the open window, chilling my face, but filling me with warmth. 
 Or perhaps something else? 
 Across the room, she sits all alone. Just the sight of her rosy cheeks and long golden hair makes me smile. Brown eyes filled with a certain sadness as her gaze locks on something out the window. The sight of a friend... possibly the greatest source of conflicting happiness and sorrow. The sight of a friend long gone. 
  But maybe... this memory is something different. Running through cemetery, one that I know well, heart pounding with excitement. The air bites at the exposed skin on my arms but I don't care. My legs are burning but it doesn't matter. I am free. 
  Lying on my bed. The smell is so familiar. The scent of a combination dust and whatever perfume I had sprayed that day. The sun peeking in from behind the curtains, but the rest of the room is shrouded in darkness. It is peaceful, serene, and safe. Nothing can get me, nothing can hurt me, I am safe. 
  As the music goes on, I think of these places I've never been, these memories I've never had. As the piano comes back, I struggle to hang on to these fleeting moments of emotion. All of the happiness, all of the sorrow, all of the nostalgia, I want to keep it all. I want to wrap tightly in my arms and never let it go. Because to feel those things is to be human... to be alive. 
  Though the music fades, I hold on. I will always hold on.     


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