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Please feel free to leave comments/criticisms, I haven’t been writing poetry for very long and I’m determined to improve!

Champagne Affairs

May 8, 2020


You keep pouring your champagne lies
down my throat
and laugh as the bubbles go flat 
in my stomach.
Intoxicating me with such
ethereal beauty,
chalk skin and a roll of the dice
and I’m sweating in your bedsheets 
all over again.
I swore last time was the last
but you have a funny way of
bringing the bubbles back in
all that I lack and
making my honour become irrelevant.
The ivy snake in your hair
doesn’t care
that I’ve fallen victim to
the same old smirk, raspberry lips
and come on, baby, didn’t you miss me?
that ripped my paper promises to shreds.
And I almost forget
for a second
that I should be replaced by a 
brunette bombshell
as my mind hazes over with
Oh God, yes,
but then the pretence ends
when I see the wedding band
on your hand
as you slide it back up my thigh.
Your infidelity is infectious,
my insecurity is outrageous.
But don’t tell me I’m the only one
when she’s smiling at me
from a picture frame 
on your bedside table.


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