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I am seventeen and live in the South. I am currently a junior in high school. I love working out, reading, writing and painting. I also enjoy spending time with my parents, boyfriend and friends. I am a Christian and I like to encourage others.

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Hey guys!!!! During this time we need writing more than ever. Right now we need to be able to express our thoughts and feelings. While we express ourselves through writing we should also support each other. I know sometimes it is very hard but we should try to spread positivity. I absolutely love it when people peer-review my work, so please do and I can peer-review a piece of yours of your choosing in return. Keep writing and inspiring others. Keep expressing yourself. May God bless you.

Soulmates and Angles (Part Four)

May 9, 2020


    I told Ryder I wanted to sit in the tree house alone. Just me and my thoughts. I could tell he didn't want to leave me alone but he begrudgingly agreed and watched me climb up the ladder alone. I have been sitting in the tree house for two hours. My mind is racing and ceases to slow down. Although I have been trying to wrap my head around this whole situation, I also wanted to sift through the items that belong to Tristian and I. I gently reach my hand into the blue plastic container labeled T + C. I lovingly glance at the scrapbook I just pulled out. I open it up and start to stare at the black and white pictures when suddenly I slam it shut and throw it unto the ground. Tears brim my eyes as I pick up all of the love letters we have written to each other in the past two years. My breathe hitches when I read the envelope of the first one, labeled to my soulmate. I fall unto the floor of the tree house sobbing when a light illuminates the tree house.
    "Goldi-Lotty I have never seen you so upset. It will all be okay, eventually." I slowly lift my eyes up to Aurora and give her a disapproving look at her use of her nickname for me. Thank you six year old Aurora for coming up with that one and never letting it go. Aurora comes closer towards me and I see her eyes are also filled with tears. She gently sits beside me and proceeds to hug me. "Rora how is this even possible? How are you here? And it is so hard to not be upset. I loved him and I can't have him." Aurora looks at me and spits out the words "And I didn't love Ryder? Do you know how much it hurt my heart that I couldn't tell him goodbye. I wasn't allowed to visit any of you or see you for two months. Do you know how much I worried about him. About you?" I squeeze Aurora tight and lightly touch her wings. "You are actually an angel. My word. What is it like? How did it happen?" Aurora lets out a forced giggle then ruffles her wings. 
    "It isn't as glamorous as you think Charlotte. Especially when you can see the people you care about but they can't see you." A deep frown etches itself unto Aurora's face and I give her a questioning glance. "What changed? I can see you now. What is happening?" As I pepper her with questions she sighs and wraps herself up in her wings. Her green eyes and red hair gleam from behind her snowy white wings. "Start at the beginning Rora." I gently nudge her and she nods her head speaking in a shushed tone "I suppose in order to thoroughly explain how I am here and the whole situation that I need to start with my death." She squeezes her eyes shut and I gently nudge her encouraging her to go on "What happened Rora?" She slowly opens her eyes and seems to speak as slow as a snail moves "I was going to the grocery store to buy some ingredients to make Ryder and his family a homemade strawberry cake. Strawberry cake is Ryder's absolute favorite and I so desired to make a good impression on his family. I was going over a bridge when I heard my phone buzz. My phone wouldn't link with my car Bluetooth and I was worried that someone was calling me because something was wrong. Against my better judgement I leaned towards the passenger seat to grab my phone. I only took my eyes off of the road for a second Charlotte I swear." I realize that angels do not only feel happiness. I sit in stunned silence as I watch Aurora break down into tears. "I know you didn't mean for it to happen Rora."
    After a few minutes she has composed herself and speaks again "When I looked up from grabbing my phone I was headed towards the guardrail of the bridge. I couldn't do anything. I hit the guardrail and instantly passed out. When I woke up I was  outside of my cherry red 2008 Jeep. I felt so elated and free. I was even able to walk around. I searched for the person who pulled me out of my Jeep to thank them, when suddenly I saw myself. I saw the front of my Jeep crushed like a soda can against the guardrail, with me inside it. Blood was flowing like a river down my face. My phone laid in my lap with one notification on it. It was a missed call from Ryder. I died trying to answer his phone call. If I would have just waited five minutes I would actually be here Charlotte." Aurora smacks herself in her face with her wings, anger filling her eyes. I gently wipe away her tears and then softly speak "So that explains how you died and became an angel. Sort of. What happened after that?"
    Aurora lays her head on my shoulder and takes a deep breath. "I started screaming when I reached into my car and felt for my heartbeat. There wasn't one. I wasn't breathing either and I had no pulse. I looked at my reflection in the window of my car and saw a halo and wings appear. Suddenly I was no longer standing before my car, I was standing on top of a mountain. Another angel approached me and told me that this mountain was the realm where the angels live. She said that angels never interact with humans. Or at least humans are never allowed to see us. I watched everyone cry at my funeral. I watched Ryder cry himself to sleep for two weeks... until I just stopped visiting. Two weeks ago the head angel approached me saying that we needed to have a conversation. She told me that a human named Tristian received the same symbol as me. She also told me that the system has broken once before. A guy who was an angel was paired as soulmates with a human girl. She didn't tell me her names but oh Charlotte what she did tell me... You won't like it." I hug my cousin and nod for her to continue "The head angel said that in order for the government to make their system look perfect and complete, both people in the situation had to become angels. If both are angels then they can fulfill their soulmates duties that you cannot when you are stuck in two separate realms such as becoming married. This also hides that the system can fail..." I look at Aurora and say "Wait both people had to become angels. Oh my word. Tristian has to die in order for you both to continue your soulmate journey? The government's screw up is causing him his life?" I look at Aurora with tears in my eyes as she squeezes my hand and says "The government will do anything to remain in control and seem perfect. Why else do you think we had never heard of angels truly existing? Why else do you think we had never heard of that couple? Tristian will eventually have to become an angel. I am so sorry Charlotte." I look at Aurora with defeat in my eyes and say "You and Ryder need to talk. Tristian and I need to talk. We need to confess our thoughts and feelings to each other. Before its too late.. you of all people should realize that." Aurora looks away from me and her halo dims slightly "Talking won't change anything. But I suppose I can at least give him closure and maybe you and Tristian can move on."
I am sorry this one is so long. I wanted to have a scene of just Charlotte and Aurora explaining how this happened. One of my friend's suggested that backstory would help explain better. 


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  • MarvelousMarshmallow

    Damn the government sucks

    6 months ago
  • kealoha

    This is one of my favorite chapters of this series so far :)

    6 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Wow. I really love this chapter because I get to know a little more about Aurora. Gosh I love this series <3

    6 months ago
  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    Reply: He has to die because his soulmate is an angel. Angels and humans cannot progress as soulmates in separate realms.

    6 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Tristian has to die because of the government?! I did NOT see that coming!

    6 months ago
  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    Aw thanks

    7 months ago
  • amazing grace

    this has such a great cliff hanger ending. in my opinion the best cliff hangers are the ones you almost expect, but never want to happen.

    7 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    The description is so beautiful and I agree with your friend, I was long but worth the time! Also thanks a lot for informing...

    7 months ago
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    Awwww...simply superb!

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