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Final draft. Enjoy:))

Timeless Women

September 7, 2020


In 2015,

WOMAN, 42, looking somewhat older, black hair almost always in a bun.
YOUNG GIRL, 15, lean and with the same black hair.
OLD LADY, 71, pleasantly plump, hair mostly silvered.

The scene is the living room of a flat in an HDB building¹.


A soft, yellow light fades into the scene, illuminating a round dining table. A ceiling fan begins to spin slowly. There is only a quiet whirring audible. The year is 2015.

WOMAN [offstage]: Dinner!

WOMAN enters from the right side of the stage into the living room, carrying a dangerous amount of plates and bowls. She walks carefully, but with ease, towards the table, and sets them down. Without hesitation, she walks offstage again just when OLD LADY enters from the opposite side of the stage. WOMAN returns to the stage shortly with cutlery.

WOMAN [unnoticing]: DINNER TIME-----

OLD LADY [clicking her tongue]: Hao le, hao le, ting dao le la²! So loud, even the neighbours can hear… 

WOMAN [startled]: Ma³! Make a bit of noise can or not? Come in so soft like gui yi yang⁴.

OLD LADY [joking]: Maybe I am. Who knows?

WOMAN [scolding, serious]: Ma!

OLD LADY [chuckling]: Joking only. Why so serious, nyu er⁵?

WOMAN [mumbling, arranging the table]: Because it’s not funny… 


WOMAN [pause]: Nothing. Come, Ma, before the food turns cold.

OLD LADY takes her seat before the table, side facing the audience.

WOMAN [to herself]: Where is that girl… [louder] Eloise! ELOISE!

YOUNG GIRL [enters, languid]: Yes, Mom, dinner’s ready. I get it, and so do the neighbours.

OLD LADY lets out a small, triumphant laugh, and YOUNG GIRL grins cheekily.

WOMAN [still standing, hand on hips]: Well, maybe if you all weren’t so dilly-dally all the time, the neighbours would be spared.

YOUNG GIRL [playfully, whisper]: And so would we.

At this, OLD LADY breaks out in a light series of tickles, and her granddaughter joins in, taking her seat at the table. There is a delightful flourish between the two.

WOMAN [sighing, accepting defeat]: Children… 

WOMAN sits, and the three begin to eat. 

The yellow light dims to darkness.


A dim, yellow light fades into the scene again. A ceiling fan begins to spin but this time, the whirring is louder. The year is 2018.

WOMAN [offstage]: Dinner!

OLD LADY enters rather ponderously with a walking stick, while her free hand moves as if opposing a light fluid drag. She looks upwards at the ceiling fan, and stares.

OLD LADY [to herself]: Three years already, fan too old, mei li qi le⁶. [beat] Just like me… 

WOMAN enters with plates of food, hair visibly messier than before, but still contained.

WOMAN [glancing, concerned]: Ma, what is it?

OLD LADY: You must change the fan already. [points] Too old.

WOMAN [goes to her side, looks up]: Looks okay. Should be fine lah⁷!

OLD LADY [insistent]: Can hear the shrr shrr sound, still don’t want to change?

WOMAN: No need, Ma. It still works, and can save money, why not?

WOMAN returns to the table, arranging the dishes. OLD LADY remains and continues to stare at the fan, but then begins to stare straight at the audience.

OLD LADY [in a daze]: If she cannot let go of even an old fan, how will my nyu er let go of so much more? What if she can’t move on? [beat] She must move on… or else… [sudden determination, turns to WOMAN] Nyu er!

WOMAN [surprised, faces her]: Ma?

OLD LADY: Promise me you get new fan.

WOMAN [confused]: What?

OLD LADY: Promise me you get new fan!

WOMAN: But Ma, it still works just-----

OLD LADY [agitated]: No! You must get new fan!

WOMAN [anxious]: Ma, are you alright? Why-----

OLD LADY [small shout]: Da ying wo⁸!

WOMAN [pause]: Okay, okay, [coaxing] I promise, Ma. I’ll get a new fan when I find one.

OLD LADY stares, unconvinced.

WOMAN [reassuring]: I will, Ma. Wo da ying nin yi ding hui de⁹.

OLD LADY acquiesces, and takes her seat at the table with a little help from WOMAN.

WOMAN [concerned, but does not pursue]: I’ll go get Eloise.

WOMAN walks offstage, looking back at her mother before disappearing, and leaving OLD LADY on her own, who looks at the fan above her, and then at her hands. She sighs, tracing her palms and mumbles in an old dialect. She sighs and sighs, again and again. Then, she becomes quietly sober.

The yellow light dims to darkness.


A plain, white light fades into the scene. The same dining table is still present, but with its varnish scratched and worn out. The ceiling fan has been replaced by an air purifier that stands at the left side of the stage next to the table. It is quiet. The year is 2020.

WOMAN enters with just one dish. She sets it down on the table, and pauses. Her hair is let down in a ruffled mess. She sits, and glances at the air purifier.

WOMAN [ruefully]: Ma, I bought a new type of fan. It’s much more quiet. It doesn’t even make a sound. [beat] Not even a sound.

WOMAN is quiet. She gazes at her food blankly. Then, she begins to cry.

WOMAN [breaking down]: I bought a new fan… Ma. You told me to do it, and I did it, so why, Ma! [frustrated] I kept my promise. You persisted, I didn’t question. You had no right-----no right-----to leave just like that. You can’t just… laugh, and smile, and do what… children do, and then leave. [head in palms, whining now] Ma… I don’t want the fan… I don’t want it… Ma [silence, sobbing].

YOUNG GIRL enters, grown-up and 20.

WOMAN [snaps her head up, hopeful]: Ma?

YOUNG GIRL [pause, sympathetic]: Mom.

WOMAN, upon realisation, becomes disappointed and embarrassed. She wipes her face with her palms, and attempts composure.

WOMAN [unsteady]: I… thought you weren’t coming home for dinner.

YOUNG GIRL: We finished early… the project I mean, so I decided to… [faltering] umm, join you.

WOMAN does not reply.

YOUNG GIRL [sees the lack of food, begins to regret]: It’s alright if you didn’t cook enough food. I can just go out to get something, and-----

WOMAN [louder than expected]: NO! [then realises] I mean, I cooked a lot, and there’s extra rice… We can have dinner… together.

YOUNG GIRL is relieved, and seats herself at the table, albeit a little awkward. There is a moment of silence.

YOUNG GIRL [stuttering]: Umm, it’s alright to let it out, you know, Mom? I think Ah Ma¹⁰ wouldn’t mind. She’s still with us, just a little… [choosing carefully] quieter now.

WOMAN is silent. She stares at the air purifier. YOUNG GIRL takes both her hands.

YOUNG GIRL: I’ll be here for the both of us-----Ah Ma too------so you can always talk about it during dinner. Alright?

Still no reply.

YOUNG GIRL [uncertain hope]: Ma?

At this, WOMAN faces her daughter, still blank, but then smiles weakly. YOUNG GIRL returns it, relieved. They both have their dinner together as the lights morph to a soft, yellow hue. Everything is at peace.

[Silence; tableau]

¹ ‘HDB’ refers to Housing Development Board. In Singapore, this statutory board is responsible for public housing, namely buildings of flats, that is able to accommodate a massive number of people per building.
² ‘Alright, alright, I heard you already’ in Chinese.
³ ‘Mother’ in Chinese.
⁴ ‘resembling a ghost’ in Chinese.
⁵ ‘daughter’ in Chinese.
⁶ ‘no more strength anymore’ in Chinese.
⁷ ‘lah’ is a Singlish expression usually found at the end of statements to, in this case, act as a form of exclamation.
⁸ ‘Promise me’ in Chinese.
⁹ ‘I promise you I’ll definitely do it’ in Chinese.
¹⁰ ‘grandmother’ in Chinese.


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