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May 8, 2020

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Approximately 4.5 billion years from now, the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with our own, filling our small corner of the universe with bursts of color and light. Our solar system will be left largely unscathed, and I used to think I would give anything to see that sky. To experience that unbelievable sight in person, to cherish every sweeping shade of blue and purple and green. To go somewhere safe and warm and put some earbuds in, watching and listening for as long as I possibly could. I would stay for hours, days, just staring up at the sky, at every inch covered in radiant hues, thinking about the seeming impossibility of such a view.

Even more than all that, though, I wanted someone to see it. Anyone with a human soul and watching eyes, anyone who would be able to appreciate it, who would be able to look up and realize how lucky they are to be there, then, seeing this. 

The truth though, is that the resulting beauty of that collision will be wasted on an empty universe. Humanity will be long gone, Earth will be a ball of lava and heat. Life will have ceased to exist long ago, everything we've created will have been destroyed. 

So maybe I don't really want to see that sky, and I would pity anyone left alone in that hellscape of a world, no matter how gorgeous it would be. I have enough beauty in my life as it is. I've got loving friends and laughing cousins. I've got sunny days and summer storms, bluebirds and dandelions. I don't need that sky, just soft grass and cherry blossoms and muddy creeks, just solar eclipses and shooting stars and a full moon. Just this life, as it is right now, exactly how I love it.



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