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Wooo! Chapter 3 is out! Just a heads up, it's a little cheesy. But it will get better, I promise!
If Niall Horan ever reads any of this, I think I will die inside...
Also, tell me if you want the next chapter soon and I'll get working on it :)

Heartbreak Weather Chapter 3: Dear Patience

June 20, 2020


Sawyer couldn't believe it. Kaitlyn has been his girlfriend for three months now. Ever since that one night at the pub, they've been almost inseparable, texting each other until 3 in the morning and going on dates every other Friday.
Sawyer knew she was the one. He loved everything about her, from her cute little laugh to her empathetic nature. She was his rock, his shoulder to cry on. And he knew he would miss her.
Kaitlyn would be going off to college soon. The college she got a scholarship to.
The college 3000 miles away.
Sawyer was surprised that time could fly by so fast. It seemed like just yesterday since he had met her, drunk and brokenhearted. Now he was happier than ever with the best girl in the world by his side.
Well, she won't be right beside him for much longer...
Sawyer broke out of his thoughts and began hanging up more balloons along the side of her grandma's house. He had never tried throwing a surprise party before, and he was kind of scared he would get it wrong. What if the balloons weren't secured to the side of the house and they blew away? What if her grandma's dog Eddie came out and ate the cake he made for her? What if she didn't like the party at all and decided to break up with him because of it?!
Sawyer wiped his sweaty palms against his jacket, trying to calm his nerves. He was probably stressing out over nothing.  He had made sure that everything was perfect, from the color of the balloons to the icing on the cake. Plus, this was for Kaitlyn, and she would probably love it no matter what. Sawyer let out a relaxed sigh. He'd be alright.
Beep beep
Sawyer let go of the balloons in surprise as he saw Kaitlyn pull up in the driveway. He tried to jump up to grab them before they blew away, but he missed, falling down on the table. The cake flipped up in the air and came crashing down, right on his head. He could hear Kaitlyn gasps as well as Eddie's barks, who came up and immediately started licking the icing off his face.
Sawyer wanted to slam his head against a wall. He ruined it. He ruined everything for her. This was his last chance to show his love for her and he completely blew it.
He felt someone sit down next to him and he knew who it was. He tried to cover his face with his hands and try to hide from her, but she grabbed his arms and pulled them away. Wiping frosting off of his eyelids, he looked up at her.
Kaitlyn gave him a little smirk and ran her finger across his cheeks, gathering up a mound of icing on her fingers. She gave it a lick and laughed, "Tastes like lemon and dog drool." Sawyer blushed and she started laughing. Sawyer felt like laughing along, but he still needed to apologize to her for ruining everything. "Kaitlyn, I-"
Kaitlyn gripped his shirt and pulled him in for a hug, "Don't say anything, Cake Boy."
And there they were, on the last day of summer vacation, at the same place they had had their first kiss, with Eddie the dog barking like crazy, and mounds and mounds of cake frosting in their hair. 

"Leave a message after the beep."
"Hey Kaitlyn, it's Cake Boy here. I hope you're doing okay off at college. You haven't really been responding to me and I was wondering if you're okay? I'm not trying to be overprotective or clingy, but I really miss you, and I would love it if we could Call me back when you get this. Bye love."

Sawyer put his phone down with a sigh. This was the 5th time he had been sent to voicemail this week, not to mention the hundreds of text messages she had yet to respond to. He didn't understand. She told him that she would keep in touch!
Maybe he was being over obsessive. She's probably just really busy. After all, Kaitlyn has to work really hard to keep her scholarship. That's it, she's just busy with schoolwork and stuff.
So why was Sawyer still so worried?
It's not that he doesn't trust it?
Pushing away his doubts, he reached for his phone and sent her another text out of desperation
I have a break in a week, can I come down and see you? xoxo
Sawyer stared at his screen for a couple of minutes, waiting for a reply. Was she ignoring him? Why would she do that? it's not like she wants to break up with him. Or does she? Maybe she found a smarter, more handsome boy at her preppy college. Maybe Sawyer wasn't good enough for her anymore!
He gripped his head tightly. No, it can't be, she wouldn't do that to him.
But that would explain why she wasn't responding.....maybe she was moving on.
As Sawyer closed his eyes in frustration, he heard a little ding as a notification went off on his phone. Almost falling off of his bed in shock, he clutched the phone tightly as he saw she FINALLY responded.
I'm coming out to visit Gram soon, I'll see you then :*
A kissie face emoji. That was a good sign. 
Sawyer felt like banging his head against the wall. How soon was soon? When would he finally see her?
And why had she been ignoring him?
Hey, can you show your face?
Can't you see that I'm anxious?
Can you hear what I'm saying?
These are getting longer every time! I am so sorry XD
I hope you enjoyed! Just a heads up, I'm going to have to skip one of the songs on Niall's album's a bit mature for me. So, sorry if Small Talk is your favorite Heartbreak Weather song, but I don't want to be kicked off the website :)


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