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Hey guys!!!! During this time we need writing more than ever. Right now we need to be able to express our thoughts and feelings. While we express ourselves through writing we should also support each other. I know sometimes it is very hard but we should try to spread positivity. I absolutely love it when people peer-review my work, so please do and I can peer-review a piece of yours of your choosing in return. Keep writing and inspiring others. Keep expressing yourself. May God bless you.

Soulmates and Angles (Part Two)

May 8, 2020


    Once the flash of light disappears and I can see again, I notice that Ryder is closing the distance between us. He appears concerned that I screamed and he notices that I am shaking uncontrollably. "Lotty what's wrong?" he asks me as he wraps me up in a tight hug trying to calm me down. He is the only one that calls me Lotty. Eighteen years of friendship and dating his brother meant that I deserved a nickname. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. After a minute  hugging him I wiggle out of his grasp and finally try to speak. "Ryder show me your wrist." Ryder raises his blonde eyebrows at me with a curious look spreading across his face. "And why should I do that? You already know who has a symbol that matches yours and it sure as heck ain't me. The system never fails, meaning you and Tristian will match." I forcefully grab his wrist and he looks taken aback. 
    I examine his symbol and once I see a heart with a lock and key I shut my eyes wishing that it wasn't true. Without a sound I let go of his wrist and tilt my to where he can see my symbol. Although my mouth stays closed my eyes speak for me, urging him to look at my wrist. He looks at my wrist and yells "Holy crap. Wait a minute.. You mean my brother's girlfriend has the same symbol as me?" I squeeze my eyes shut wishing that he wouldn't have yelled so loudly. I whisper "Ryder not so loud. He is going to hear you." I hear a loud thunk near the tree house and realize that Tristian heard the commotion.  
    I open my eyes and see Tristian come from around the back of the house running straight for Ryder. "This can't be happening. Ryder please tell me you are pranking us." I look at Ryder with pleading eyes and he shakes his head as he runs his hands through his blonde hair. "If you and I are soulmates then who has Tristian's matching symbol?" Tristian finally gets within earshot when Ryder says this and he immediately stops running. He looks at me and then at Ryder then comes closer. He doesn't say a word but grabs both of our wrists. I fight back tears as he looks at our symbols then looks at me. "The system doesn't fail huh? Someone tell the stupid government that their precious little soulmate system failed. My twin is apparently my girlfriend's soulmate and oh lets not forget that my soulmate is dead. DEAD. I thought that the flipping system never made a mistake?" Ryder tries to pull Tristian in for a hug to calm him down but instead Tristian shoves him away. 
    Ryder grabs Tristian's arm and fingers his symbol. "Your soulmate is dead? Wait who is your soulmate? How do you know she is dead?" Tristian looks at Ryder and becomes emotionless in his appearance and calmly says "Charlotte's cousin Aurora.. who died two months ago. So unless angel's exist.. which they don't and even if they do there has never been a reported human interaction with them. There has certainly never been a report of an angel and a human being soulmates. At the worst part is that I have to sit back without a soulmate, without someone to love and watch my twin brother fall in love with my girlfriend. I get to watch you two soulmates get married and..." Ryder slaps a hand over Tristian's mouth to quiet him and looks at me with questioning eyes while whispering "He doesn't know?" I shake my head and Tristian twists out from Ryder's hand, freeing his mouth. Tristian then grabs Ryder and shakes him while asking "I don't know what Ryder? Please tell me what I don't know... this can't possibly get any worse." I gently tug Tristian away from Ryder and wrap my arms around his chest in a tight hug while I wait for Ryder to explain.
    Ryder looks at Tristian making sure he has calmed down before he tells him the truth. "You remember the girl I dated for a few months? The morning of the day that she was supposed to come over and meet the family you found me crying in the tree house. I told you that she dumped me and I didn't know why. The girl I dated was Lotty's cousin Aurora. After four months I was almost certain that we were soulmates but then she died in a car accident. That is why I was crying that day. I finally had what you and Charlotte had and then I lost it. Tristian you know that Lotty is mine now. Our symbols match and we have to obey the system." With that Ryder pulls me off of Tristian and looks at Tristian apologetically, then kisses me on the mouth. I try to pull away and open my eyes to look at Tristian. Ryder stops kissing me and scolds me "Lotty you have to try to learn to love him like you loved him. We are soulmates, you two are not." I look at Tristian as he walks away and can't believe my eyes as I see a girl with green eyes and red hair, clad in a daisy sundress walk beside of him. As Ryder goes to kiss me again I push him away and point my finger to Tristian. Ryder freezes and drops his mouth open. "Angels don't interact with humans..." Tristian turns around when he hears Ryder say this. He freezes when he sees her. "So I was wrong, angels do exist." Aurora smiles and takes his hand. Confused Tristian pulls away and says "But there has never been a reported case of an angel and a human being soulmates. Heck! There has never been a reported case of an angel interacting with a human and showing themselves. How in the world can I see you? How can I touch you?" Aurora looks at the three of us, smiles, intertwines her fingers with Tristian's and says "I suppose there is a first time for everything. Angels do exist."


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  • Kayden

    Sorry! I said I'd read a chapter of this everyday until I caught up but then I got really busy with school and things. I'm going to try to read a chapter a day from now on because so far this seems like a really cool story!

    6 months ago
  • MarvelousMarshmallow

    Nice twist the characters got over each other Real quick though

    6 months ago
  • birthdaycandles

    I noticed a few typos whilst I was reading, you might just want to have a little proofread over it to iron those out. But otherwise, this plot has me hooked, great story!

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  • kealoha

    Wow wow wow, this is so interesting!

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  • Currently Unavailable

    Woah...shockingly great!

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  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    I was about to say that the other parts explain lol. I hope you like it :)

    7 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    Ok sorry I understand now that I read the other parts.You are so talented great job on this series!<3

    7 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    Also why just because they are soulmates does Ryder kiss her if he doesn't even like her like that and in front of tristian?
    Btw love this series

    7 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    Ok this is stressing me out.If Kristian loves Charlotte then why does he just dump her so quick and is okay with it.Then Ryder kisses her in front of him and he's okay with it?
    Btw these aren't rude questions (just making sure so it doesn't sound like it) I'm just genuinely confused.

    7 months ago
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    I didn't see that coming. And I can't stop laughing either it's funny in a weird way. Cool twist. I love it

    7 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Oh my gosh, Aurora's back as an angel?! That's so cool!

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    Hmmm....interesting concept! Do angels exist? I think now I need to read another chapter.....Nice twist btw

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