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Carl's Jr.

July 31, 2016


Usually I'll start one of these entries a bit more poetically, but I'm going to get straight to the point. I'm pissed off. Today I was watching television, and I saw a commercial that not only offends women, but also causes children to lose their innocence. The three way burger, created by the ever so popular (note the sarcasm) Carl's Jr. Now I would consider myself low key feminist. I appreciate when someone holds the door open for me, but I can do it myself. I don't call other women sluts or whores and I happen to believe that women should receive the same amount of money for the same job, but I don't however, believe that women are superior to men. But I believe that you can advertise a burger, without putting three partially nude super models in front of the camera. As if they are an object to look at, and to observe. These women are people with thoughts and feelings but there presented to the world as if there nothing but a strategy to get perverted men to buy a greasy burger with no flavor (apologies if you like Carl's Jr. but really why would you like it?). In the history of this mockery of a franchise, women have been used as marketing strategies, for super bowl commercials and ads. And don't get me started on the name, it's so inappropriate that I can't believe that actually got approved.
    The bottom line is that women have been subjected to the whorish doing's of marketing strategists for as long as advertising's been around. The world is changing and businesses like this one has to keep up with the pace. Because this isn't how to get customers.

If you want to watch the commercial I'm referring to, the title is Three way burger commercial. There are to versions but each are despicable. I suggest you never go to Carl's Jr. unless you have to pee severely or you're parched.
Totally not looking for comments, I just wrote this because I was mad and I don't know. Just wanted someone to know. I'm a milenial, I like to tell people how I'm feeling through social media platforms.


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