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American beauty/American psycho

By: J.


    Fall Out Boy is back again-After their 3 and a half year break back in 2009 they came back with “Save rock and roll” in 2013, now in 2014/2015 they again rocked the world with their new album “American beauty/American psycho".

    It was scheduled for its release on 14 of January 2015, but it had leaked about 10 days earlier. The signature punk pop mixed with punk rock and emo sound and we can never forget the stunning voice of the lead singer Patrick Stump and his soul voice. Influences of the band members are really showing off. Quite a combination of Green day, the Ramones and on the other hand a big pop star such is Michael Jackson. Not hardcore but not pop, not too harsh not too soft, the perfect middle. Original but traditional, not focused on the future, but on the past.

    The album does have some signature FOB marks, such as its groovy sound, an upbeat, incredible guitar riffs and voice improvisation by Patrick, but it is also quite surprising for the old Fall out boy fans. It has shorter titles like “Irresistible” or “Centuries” unlike the previous Fall out boy signature way too long titles like “My songs know what you did in the dark” or “I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me”. Also, another great thing this time, unlike the last few times is that the new album is yet a one thing. It is perfectly packet with all of the song collided into one album, one piece. Every song is somehow connected to the next one and in the future it won’t be a problem to recognize the album from which the song is on. They are similar but yet quite different. Lyrics are inspiring, celebrating freedom, inspired by a personal life of the bassist Pete Wentz. On the other hand, they are not showing too many personal details but it’s not completely hidden. Lyrics are strong, inspiring, energetic … Again the perfect middle in every way.

    Their first single Centuries, released in 2014 is as they said “an inspiration” tune. Strong lyrics , upbeat tune, amazing vocals and the greatest, most powerful chorus. It is euphoric and raises adrenaline level. American beauty/ American psycho also features Immortals, a song which in on the soundtrack of the Big hero 6, a very popular Disney animation film.

    It doesn’t get boring, it doesn’t lose its charm, could be on repeat for days. Without any doubt American beauty/ American psycho is an album worth spending money and time on.

Peer Review

Yes, I truly believe the writer has captured the punk/rock/emo flare Fall Out Boy has in this wonderfully written review. It's frantic and frazzled matching the theme of the new album.

Yes, the writer has done a sufficient amount of research to write this review. Members of the band are mentioned throughout.

I believe so! This is a unique take on Fall Out Boy's album, which makes it all the more intriguing. So many times albums are reviewed by "business" type people that it's hard to relate to their take on the album. Having clearly a fan of the band review them gives readers something easier to relate too.

Reviewer Comments

Great taste in music! :) This was a wonderful album review! I really enjoyed hearing your personal voice shine through via your writing!