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Are you reading my bio again?!

aesthetic doodles sprawled all over the floors.

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i say im returning then disappear for another month.

this virus is making my hormones unstable.

May 5, 2020


sometimes i'm sitting down eating a bowl of icecream,
sometimes i'm laughing my head off for something that isn't even funny.
sometimes i stare glassy eyed at travel vlogs.
looking at the bolded font screaming my flight was canceled.
sometimes i cry for movies, that aren't supposed to be sad.
sometimes i listen to christmas movies imagining i'm in a five star hotel drinking hot cocoa watching shark tank with my family.
sometimes i tell my friends to facetime then cancel at the last second.
sometimes i cry, laugh, and shout at the same time.

stay safe, stay healthy, save lives.
Thank you to all the essential workers helping out! If there are any essential workers writing on this site or someone's parents, thank you!


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  • A Rose

    This has been my vibe...

    5 months ago
  • Mishthi Sharma

    This is me!!!!!

    7 months ago
  • CDWillson

    sorry that was loud. it's good to see that you are still poking your head out to the site occasionally!

    7 months ago
  • ElsaRee


    7 months ago
  • Just_Those_Christmas_Memories (#Holidayvibes)

    I feel this! I'm so moody.
    J.A.M. stands for Just_A_Memory. It's wasn't intentional, but it just came out as J.A.M. lol. I'ma sucker for nicknames XD

    7 months ago
  • ajamwal

    hahaha yeah

    7 months ago
  • mia_:)

    soooo relatable! i'm having the worst mood swings ever!

    7 months ago