Peer Review by Mishthi Sharma (India)

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The Robin Sings and Yet the World is Dying

By: Deleted User


How can the Robin sing
                     When the World is crying
How can it fill the Air
With its crystalline Song
Of Joy and early Morning Merriment

How can the Robin sing
                    Yet the World cries 
                    For all that it has lost
       Of beautiful Lives

I think
     It is childish to be Jealous of a Bird
The Robin sings as the World dies

Peer Review

It's very thought provoking and strong. The piece is beautiful because it can be interpreted in a no. of ways. My interpretation says that we should understand that something which is a nightmare for you can be a daydream for anybody else. Our sufferings should not always be placed above someone else's joy. Also, it perfectly fits in today's scenario.

I think the highlighted line can be elaborated a bit but at the same time it is perfect as it :)

Reviewer Comments

One more thing, it is possible that I didn't interpret this the way the author would have liked but I believe that a great writer is one who can convey more than he himself knows. So you have done a great job!!