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Words are very powerful. You could either make someone or break them. Always be aware of what you say and how you say it. I believe words are from the heart, not the brain.

No matter what people say about your writing, if it's a passion of yours, just you keep writing and improving.

Only Memories

May 5, 2020


Summer comes and goes,
winter drifts past us,
spring sails by,
autumn blows a kiss,

The years fly by,
we're getting older,
life is making our decisions,
we're growing apart,

Memories float away,
experiences locked up,
our diary lost somewhere amongst the clouds,
we've taken different routes,

But as I stroll along that long, narrow path,
I remember you,
the smell of fresh soil and pretty flowers,
makes me think of you,

I remember those special days,
walking along here,
holding hands with you,
lost in our own world,

The memory of you holding me close,
comes to mind,
remember that sweet kiss?
I'll never forget,

What we had was special,
but now it's gone,
we're torn apart,
life decided we had to end,

Here I am,
strolling down the same path,
only this time,
I'm alone.

What I'm left with,
is only memories. 


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  • Wisp

    I'm not sure what happened with you (from reading both mia's and birthdaycandles's comment), but I do hope you're alright. I know you've been inactive for a long while now, but I wanted to give you my thanks. WhispersofGray, I recently achieved a milestone of 101 followers, and I wanted to say thank you to you. You were kind enough to leave a comment and a like on one of my pieces, a solidarity piece of mine, and it certainly made my day. Your kind words help shape me into the writer I am today, and I cannot thank you enough for that. It may have just been a click of a button to you, but it was my everything, especially in a time when I didn't feel too confident in my writing. Thank you once again, and I don't know what you're up to or where you are, but I hope everything is well with you :)
    (Also, I'm doing a dust jacket, so if you have any questions, send them my way!)

    10 months ago
  • Wisp

    This poem is so sweet and lovely. It's just brilliantly written and the descriptions are so poignant and prominent. Your narrative in this piece is a masterpiece and I love the simplicity and gorgeousness of it all. It's so nostalgic and calm, just reading it gives me a sense of serendipity. Gloriously written :))

    10 months ago
  • clos

    Hello! Your piece "Only Memories" captures the beautiful but fading experiences we've had that leaves us yearning for more while appreciating what we had. It's a bittersweet moment and you capture that feeling of past beauties so well in your descriptive details and flowing creative language. This was a lovely piece to read. Please keep writing!

    over 1 year ago
  • OpalDove

    The results of my competition are out! Please give them a look!


    over 1 year ago
  • birthdaycandles

    It is so sad what has happened, and just want you to know that we will be here for you whenever you come back, to continue to support you and your writing journey, as you have done for me and many others. I've missed not seeing your username weaved through the dashboard everyday! Hopefully this is only temporary and we will hear back from you soon. Stay safe and stay positive.

    over 1 year ago
  • mia_:)

    I heard the terrible news! I'm going to miss you sooooo much! I'm not sure if it's too late for you to see this, but know that you're super talented and amazing! I hope you don't give up on writing and pursuing your dreams, because they're within reach! You've been nothing but kind and supportive to me and I'll miss your good vibes and amazing work. Best wishes!
    mia :) <3<3<3

    over 1 year ago
  • CDWillson

    Q&A answers are up: https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/164028/version/321592
    hopefully that link isn't broken

    over 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    This is so pretty, Whisper!

    over 1 year ago
  • happy butterfly

    Yes that did help,thanks whispy<3

    over 1 year ago
  • AccountA

    Wow, this is such an amazing poem! I write poetry, too, but I haven't written anything this good! Yet ;)

    over 1 year ago
  • Ree Sethu

    Oh..This is sooo nice.. Bitter, sweet and beautiful..Loved it!

    over 1 year ago
  • happy butterfly

    Ok this is just perfect.Its so sweet and just perfect.I can't describe it.Just perfect

    over 1 year ago