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May 8, 2014

King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild is about a King from Belgium that ruled the Congo in Africa. Thousands of people were impacted by the way that he ruled the Congo and how cruel he treated the people, and what he did to the people who lived there. Still to this day the people who live there are impacted a lot from what happened from 1885-1908. There are still a lot of difficult situations that are going on, and that need to be fixed. The Congo is not a great place to live or visit. It is full of crime rates, and poverty. Jobs are hard to find and the education is not that great. Joseph Conrad wrote the "Heart of Darkness" to explain his experience and views on the Congo when he was there and what other people had to go through. People suffered so much, and got treated terrible from him, but King Leopold thought that treating people of the Congo the way he did, would make them listen to him and do what he wanted them to do. King Leopold wanted control, and wanted people to do what he said to do. I imagine it was hard for him, but he saw everything that was happening. It is hard to believe that things happened like this in our world, and how terrible King Leopold treated the people of the Congo. This world is a cruel place. People are so mean. Its actually quite embarrassing what this world has came to. Also it is terrifying that the Congo is still similar today, as it was back when King Leopold became king. The world in other places besides the Congo is different today than it was back when King Leopold took place. Other countries don't see and realize what is happening in the Congo still, and don't want to see what is going on and how bad it actually is. You would think that things would have changed over a long period of time. Also because the rest of the world changed like the United States with slavery, you would clearly think that the Congo wouldn't still be like it is today. The Congo is still very poor, and facing long term effects of imperialism. There is still a lot of violence (economic, and political) because of the wars, and conflicts over the years. The citizens over in the Congo are unable to have protection for their people, and they suffer from cruelty, neglect, and poverty. Overall I think that we have it really well where we live, because yes we have rules, and things we need to do, but we don't get treated poorly, and have people yell at us and do cruel things to us when we do not listen to them.

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