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African American
I write a lot of romance.

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Love your body, because you are your body, not in the sense of it being the only thing by which you are judged, but in the sense of it being the vessel for your soul and the protector of your mind.


May 4, 2020


Dashing into the sea,
to breathe.
Don’t tie me down, 
I wanna see everything.

If we make it to 2023,
I wanna study abroad, mère.
En France!
See? I’m already studying.

I could be an au pair,
sip earl grey with the sun.
I could freelance,
write for a living.

Dashing into the see,
to live.
Will you come with me?
only if you want to.
I just want to get away,
get away with you.


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  • A Rose

    The longing....oh I adore this

    7 months ago
  • aralyn.kay

    i love love love you

    8 months ago
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    I am tongue tied!!!

    9 months ago