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Mysteries in the Basement

May 8, 2020

ACT 1:

Scene One:

(CAMERON, a blond haired lad with caramel eyes and an adventurous spirit, SOPHIE, CAMERON’s twin sister who also sports blond hair, though hers leans towards a dirtier blond, azure blue eyes, and a kind disposition, and TENLEY, a bronze haired British bookworm of a girl with forest green eyes and a jokester of a personality are sitting on the practically new blue-gray sectional (centerstage, turned to the front so the audience can see their faces) of the exquisite living room at CAMERON and SOPHIE’s house watching a nature documentary on leopards on the TV (downstage left, and screen facing towards the kids).  The twin’s parents were kind of rich, so the TV was a huge fifty inch beast that sat on an old stone fireplace mantle original to the remodeled 1800’s house.  The kids’ eyes are glued to the television when all of a sudden TENLEY gasps.)

TENLEY:  Oh no, I hope that lion doesn’t attack the leopard cub!

CAMERON:  I thought you liked lions, Tenley?  (Looks over at her quizzically)

TENLEY: I do, Cameron, just not when they’re about to attack a defenseless cub!  (She gestures her arms at the screen, eyes wide and worried.)

SOPHIE:  Hush!  We’re gonna miss the frickin’ thing if ya keep blabberin’!  (SOPHIE shoves her brother, before leaning forward, snatching the remote from where it sits on the crowded oak coffee table in front of them and turning the volume to the max.  CAMERON tugs the controller out of his sister’s hand and while turning the sound back down to a reasonable level turns to his sister.)

CAMERON:  What in the world did ya do that for, Sophie?!  (glaring)

SOPHIE:  ‘Cause all you two were doin’ was— (Cut off by a flash of lightening and a loud clap of thunder.)

ALL:  AH!  (Grabbing on to each other, looking around in terror.)

(Loud beeping noises coming from the television sounding like one of those thunderstorm warnings that you sometimes get.  CAMERON, SOPHIE, and TENLEY rush over to the TV and stand around (facing the audience but watching the TV) it as a voice blares out.)

WARNING VOICE:  Tornado warning for this area.  Please get to low ground immediately.  Take all pets and family members and do not go outside under any circumstances.

SOPHIE:  Oh no!  What do we do?!  (Stands frozen to the spot, eyes wide.)

CAMERON:  Were you not listening?  We need to get downstairs to the basement, like, now!  (Grabs the plump, elderly gray and white family cat, CHESTER, and hauls SOPHIE after him offstage right.  TENLEY On their heels.)

(Stage goes dark. . .)

Scene Two:

(Stage lights spotlight the center of the stage.)

(CAMERON, SOPHIE, TENLEY, and CHESTER are all huddled underneath an oak table (centerstage beneath the spotlight) with stacks of boxes surrounding them.)

(Lights flicker on and off and a rumbling sound can be heard nearby.)

Tenley:  Ahhhhh!  (clutches table leg like her life depends on it.)

SOPHIE:  (shouting over all the noise) CAMERON, I just want you to know. . .that if we don’t make it out of this. . .I’m sorry that I was so snarky with you. . .you’re a great brother!

CAMERON:  Thanks. . .and I’m sorry that I knocked you. . .into the creek yesterday!  (Two siblings hug each other and join TENLEY in screaming.)

(Stage goes dark and sounds stop.)

Scene Three:

(Lights flicker on, showing and overturned table with nobody around it.  Lights expand their range and show piles of overturned boxes.  SOPHIE and CAMERON burst out of boxes gasping and disheveled.)

CAMERON:  We made it!  (grins at sister)

SOPHIE:  Woohoo!  (Grins back at CAMERON.  Then, pauses and frowns.)  About what I said—

CAMERON:  Already forgotten.

SOPHIE:  (nodding)  Same.  (Looks around, finally realizing that TENLEY is missing.)  Hey, where’s—

(TENLEY burst out of another pile with a box covering her head.)

TENLEY:  Hey, who turned da lights off?  (nearly falling of the stage.)  Ah!  CAMERON?!  SOPHIE?!  Where are you guys?!  (Stumbles closer to where her friends are standing.  CAMERON reaches over and lifts the box off of her head, revealing a bewildered TENLEY who blushes at her ridiculousness.)  Oops.

(CAMERON and SOPHIE laugh, nearly falling over.  TENLEY blushes and looks around at anything and everything but them.  Then, pausing, stares at something that appears to be offstage.)

TENLEY:  What’s that?  (She asks SOPHIE and CAMERON pointing to a now illuminated old wooden door, (centerstage left facing audience) like ones that you find in mid evil castles)

CAMERON:  (approaching the door) I have no clue.  Have you seen it before, sis?

SOPHIE:  (shakes head)  Nope.

TENLEY:  What do ya thinks behind it?  (Going to stand next CAMERON.)

CAMERON:  (grins at SOPHIE and TENLEY.)  Wanna find out?

SOPHIE:  Duh, knucklehead!

TENLEY:  (exclaims at the same time)  Definitely!

(CAMERON grabs the rusted iron handle and tugs on the door.)

(Lights go down)

Scene Four:

(Light turn on.  Stage is set with big trees and bushes.  CAMERON, SOPHIE, CHESTER, and TENLEY are center stage facing the audience.  The door behind them is closed.)

TENLEY:  What in the bloody heck is this place?!  (Spins in a circle coming to a stop downstage center.)  I mean, we were just at your house, in your basement, at, what time was it?  Five o’clock I think, and now it’s the middle of the night!  I mean what the bloody heck is goin’ on?!

CAMERON:  (Comes to stand beside TENLEY.)  No clue.

SOPHIE:  Guys. . .

TENLEY:  Do you think that your parents know about this place?

SOPHIE:  Guys?

CAMERON:  They never come in the basement, so I wouldn’t think so.


TENLEY & CAMERON:  (whipping partly (So the audience can still see them.) around to face her.)  What?

(SOPHIE points a trembling finger to a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the shadows of the trees, and slowly slips over to stand next to TENLEY and CAMERON.  As Sophie moves more eyes appear in the shadows around them.  The three kids stand frozen.  Suddenly CHESTER caterwauls and darts for the door.  The friends scramble after him and as they reach the door the stage goes dark.)

Scene Five:

(Lights come up and kids are standing in front of the door panting.)

SOPHIE:  What. .was that?

CAMERON:  Ya think I know?

SOPHIE:  No, I was asking TENLEY!

TENLEY:  You think I know?

SOPHIE:  Well, someone has to know! (Pauses) But whatever that was, I want to go back.

CAMERON:  You—you what?!  You’re nuts!

SOPHIE: (turning to TENLEY) TENLEY, what do you say about a sleepover?

TENLEY:  That’s a silly question.

SOPHIE:  Thought so.

CAMERON:  You’re BOTH nuts!  (Kids argue as the head offstage right.)


(Curtains close)

Hi everyone!  I know that this is over the limit by 120 words and was wondering if you thought there was anything I could edit to make it not so long.  Also, I was just wondering if you had any other feedback, regarding the formatting, description, or anything like that.  Any and all feedback would be appreciated!!!  :)

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