Anika Rose

United Kingdom

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I hope that even if we do not understand each other's words, we can find beauty and peace within them.

Just Hope.

May 4, 2020


They want me to write
‘Just hope.’
Ha. Hope is not here. It is bleak and dark and I hate it.
They will know
That I’m acting of course.
Spewing joy as if it’s my life’s work.
Like I believe it. Ha.
Hope is imaginary.
Actually, no.
It’s the name of a celebrity’s child who does anything
But inspire it.
How can I write of hope when I don’t feel it.
There are no bubbles.
I am sensible and rational.
I’m sure you are too.
I'm not quite sure how I came up with something so cynical when I'm usually optimistic, but here it is anyway!


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