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Heartbreak Weather Chapter 2: Black and White

May 3, 2020


After finishing up their drinks, Sawyer offered to walk Kaitlyn home, since she was a bit tipsy. She agreed and now they were making their way to her house. They walked quietly, the only sound being their shoes smacking on the sidewalk pavement. Sawyer decided he wanted to get to know her better, since they only held small talk while drinking. So he decided to ask her a question. "So, are you new around here? I've never seen you before, Kaitlyn." She nodded and gave him a little smile, "No, I'm not. I came here to visit my grandma and stay with her for the summer. After this season, I'm going off to college.With a full scholarship." Sawyer gave her a small round of applause and she laughed. "How'd you manage that," Sawyer joked, "don't you have to actually be smart to get one of those?" Kaitlyn scoffed and gave him a playful shove,"Well, only smart people would understand, so I shouldn't bother explaining it to you." He just laughed and gave her a little push back. They joked and chatted until they finally reached her house address. "I hope my grandma's asleep," Kaitlyn chuckled nervously, "she doesn't know I was out." Sawyer gave her a look of surprise. Kaitlyn, sneaking out and breaking the rules? He would have never guessed she would do something like that. All evening she had seemed like a bit of a goody two-shoes. Kailtyn intrigued Sawyer, and he was excited to get to know her better.
He walked her up to the front door a bit sadly. Sawyer didn't want to end the night with her. Kaitlyn was so much fun to be with and she was full of surprises. Sawyer wasn't sure if he was falling for her, but he knew she was special.
Then, as she was unlocking the door, Sawyer was met with an overwhelming urge to kiss her cheek. He knew he had just met her, and he knew she probably didn't like him back, but he decided to go for it.
 So he snuck up behind her and gave her a kiss.
Kaitlyn turned around in surprise and looked up at him. In his head, Sawyer knew he had ruined it. He ruined his chance with her. Why oh why would he kiss someone the night he met them? Kaitlyn probably thought he was insane. And rightfully so. No one would kiss someone the night that they-
Kaitlyn took Sawyer head in her hands and gave him a long passionate kiss. On the lips.
Sawyer couldn't believe it.
He kissed her back, right there on the porch. He was met with this amazing feeling that he had never felt before. Could it be love? He didn't know. But all he knew was that he never wanted it to end. Sawyer wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug. Kaitlyn hugged back.
After about 30 more seconds, they both pulled away in shock. He could tell from the look on her face that she couldn't believe what had just happened and what she had just done. Sawyer couldn't either. Was that normal? To show so much affection on the first night? He knew it wasn't, but something about it felt...
It felt so right, being in her arms. Like there was peace in the world. It was the best feeling he had ever experienced.
And he could tell that she felt the same.
"I..I can't believe I did that," Kaitlyn said, grasping her face in horror, "Sawyer, I am so so sorry. I- I don't know what came over me." Sawyer just chuckled. Her face was so red and it made her look even cuter. 
Wait, what was he thinking? They had just met.
Sawyer rubbed his neck in embarrassment and met her gaze, "I'm sorry too. I kissed you first."
Kaitlyn just put her hands up, telling him to stop. "But Sawyer, I kissed back.
And what's worse is I want to do it again."
Without hesitation, Sawyer ran up and grabbed her in another hug. At first, she was a bit startled, but eventually she hugged back. And there they stood, on the porch of her grandma's house at 10:00 at night, hugging.
Sawyer had never felt so good in his whole life.
"Well, look at that Marge. Young love."
Startled, the two of them looked over to the sidewalk where an old couple stood, watching them in amusement. Sawyer and Kaitlyn broke it off in humiliation and muttered an apology in their direction. But the old couple just laughed. "Don't apologize kiddos," the old man said with a grin, "we did the same thing when we were young. Remember that, Marge?" The old woman, presumably Marge, gave him a beam, "How could I forget? that was the night I knew you were the one, Walter." The elderly man blushed as Marge took his hand. "We'll leave you to it, kids," the old man (Walter) called out to them as him and Marge continued their midnight stroll. During the whole encounter, Kaitlyn was blushing like crazy, and so was Sawyer. 
After Walter and Marge had left, Kaitlyn turned to Sawyer, "Would you like to come inside for a bit, Sawyer?"
Sawyer just gave her a little smirk, and he grabbed her hand as she pulled him inside, closing the door behind her.
I see us in black and white
Crystal clear on a starlit night
In all your gorgeous colors
I promise that I'll love you for the rest of my life...
I would just like to clarify that Kaitlyn invited Sawyer inside to just talk for a little bit, NOTHING ELSE
Thank you to everyone who read the first chapter! I know this one was a little long (and very cheesy) but the song is a bit cheesy as well! Black and White is one of my favorite songs on Niall's album, and I had a lot of fun writing this chapter!
If you haven't heard Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan yet, I definitely recommend it!


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