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I'm slipping, into the deep end
I'm in over my head, can't catch my breath
"Deep End" - Ruelle

How It Was Supposed To Be

February 20, 2021


I touched up his hair before placing the crown back on his head. Trey Allaires, prince of Meava Commonwealth, heir to the throne. That's who sat before me. I was the only maid left in the room, and my palms are becoming sweaty. I'm in the prince's room. With him. Alone. It wasn't like it hadn't happened before. He and I grew up together. The rebellious prince who hung out with the children in the kingdom square, that's how I saw him. I latched onto him quickly. A charmer he was. 

We got a little older before he asked me to come work as a maid for him. It took him many months before I finally gave in to his request. Trey shirked his duties every day for an hour or two to hang out with me. In that time, we'd become something more. 

He turned to look at me over his shoulder as I stepped away. His silver eyes stared deep into mine, his dark hair neatly gelled back out of his face. His pale form loomed over me as he stood up, taking a step towards me.. The prince was 6"7, last I remembered anyway, and little old me was 5"3. Big difference. Trey leaned down and left a trail of kisses from my temple to my cheek, making me blush profusely. We knew it was forbidden, yet he persisted on being mine. On me being his. 

I kissed his cheek in return, smiling shyly before wrapping my arms around his neck and holding him to me. We stood there for a good long moment before a knock on the door separated us. If we got caught, I'd be killed. Hung for all to see. I scurried towards the door, opening it wide so the guards outside could step in. "Thank you, Jeseppa," Trey said, using my formal name. "You are free to leave." I didn't dare smile, even though I really wanted to. I felt his eyes on me as I left, but didn't look back, keeping a steady pace. 

It was only a few hours later that he appeared again, finding me in the library. I was dusting off the numerous shelves as always. Trey looked absolutely stricken, and I asked him what's wrong, glancing at him as I continued my work. "Jes..." he groaned, face in his hands. "They've decided. They're making me marry Evangeline."

I suddenly couldn't breathe. Dropping the feather duster, I stared at him in shock. Evangeline was the princess of the neighboring kingdom. Trey's father always talked about him marrying Eva, but Trey told me his father never went through with anything. Tears sprung into my eyes, and I walked out of the room. Trey started after me, but stopped when I whirled on him, angry. "Forget it, Trey," I grounded out, sobs making my body quake. "We knew it would never have worked out for us in the end. It just... wouldn't have."

I dashed out of there, ripping my apron and bonnet off as I went, tossing them to the ground in hate. It wasn't his fault, but I could help but be mad. I knew in my gut it never would have worked, yet we still tried. I wasn't going to waste my time on something that would get me killed. I ran for the gates, but stopped just before I left them. I glanced over my shoulder at the large palace behind me, feeling so small and hopeless. I breathed in, and stepped out of the palace gate, free at last.

*    *    *

A year had gone by, and there wasn't a day I didn't think about Trey. He was married to Eva, just as he should have been. Meanwhile, I was where I was supposed to be. One the back-roads of the Meava Commonwealth. In all the photos of Trey I saw, I noticed that his smile didn't reach his eyes. If anything, he looked haunted. He had refused when Evangeline wanted a child. I somehow knew he was waiting for my return. The day he could hold me in his arms. 

That day would never come.

Trey and I moved on, but never forgot, and never stopped hoping. We were two different people. A royal and a peasant.  It wasn't the happy ending anyone deserved, but all was how it should have been. I just wish it were me, sitting beside him on the throne. 
Edited an older piece of mine. I thought about re-writing it entirely. It honestly needs it, as I find it lacking, so stay tuned.  It'll probably happen. I'm doing a Dust Jacket soon, so if you have any questions, please let me know! If you'd like anything reviewed, just let me know! :D


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  • Busssy.Beee

    Ahh, MERRR!! WHY IS THIS SO SADDD!! T-T i honestly feel so bad rn, wdkdhkditsxkwlc you're too good at short stories, or story telling in general!! Gjdhkdhkdhkdhi <3

    3 months ago
  • xx carolina xx


    Chapter 6 of Eden Hill is out:

    3 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Thank you and yes it’s not fun. I think cyber bullying is actually worse because the consequences usually are a lot less severe and it’s much harder to catch because it’s online :( thank you for the support though :)

    3 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    *Me trying to pronounce syzygy* suh..si..sizigee? XD

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    re: ahhh i love that word it's so fun to say!! your username is so cool! <3

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