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mwah! incapable of writing normal footnotes. wtw’s resident soft knight in shining armor. wave a hanky to say hello—i’m always eager to converse!
legend has it that i'm notorious around here for: well, ask me and find out.
can be seen trying my best to be sweet in comments OR wielding daggers. please do not interact with me if you: support bigotry (racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc), demean movements such as BLM, glorify Trump, or anything that goes along with these. i've discussed such stances in my pieces already and want no part of them.
talent manager is joella. she’s a sweetheart—go greet her!

we brought this garden #ephkrasis2

May 4, 2020


the first time i saw you 
was through rows of timid lilac.
coy stalks of lavender spirals framed your cheeks,
and i, entranced with the way sunbeams illuminated the sheen of sweat on your neck, held out a flowering orchid.
your laugh bristles through your whole body,
shaking, like the wind teases the garden flowers,
and the earth cakes your knees, clings to your elbows,
so when i brush a speck of soil from the corner of your lips, forgive my eyes for lingering.
our garden bursts to life, humming to the melody
of azure petals, dipped into playful purples, and
your hands stained blue, you grin, and you tell me, “gardens, they’re all sown for a reason—some purpose.”
and as you tuck a blossom behind my ear, delicate fingers digging up roots in my chest,
i cannot help but think that my heart (that traitorous flower, a daring sprout in an ever-blooming field) 
was sown solely to love you.
edit 5/4/20 for the contest:

this piece was inspired by the painting The Artist’s Garden at Givenchy by Claude Monet! a wonderful peer reviewer directed me to the painting after she read my other piece “the water lilies bring us”, which is inspired by a painting by him as well. please go check out The Artist’s Garden if you want to see what i tried to embody with my piece! this piece is considered a sibling poem to my previous work “the water lilies bring us”, so please check that out as well! feedback appreciated!!


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  • mia_:)

    THE IMAGERY!!! *dramatic death*

    6 months ago
  • crow_e

    aaah monet! thanks for entering!

    7 months ago
  • joella

    awesome work!! good luck with the competition :)

    7 months ago