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Have you got any recent resolutions? Perhaps we have some of the same ones?? I'd love to know.

It's my birthday!*Insert balloons, cake and party hats here*

April 6, 2015



As you've no doubt seen in the title, it's my birthday today. I'm fourteen years of age, and consequently I'd like to make 7 resolutions that will make me a better person.(I was going to do 14, but I just decided to go halfsies instead) Hopefully I can have some fun first by telling you what I got for my birthday.This will probably give you an insight into my personality, if you're interested in knowing.

My Birthday Presents

  • The Gospel According to Larry by Janet Tashjian
  • Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer(and the DVD.)
  • The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
  • The Death Cure by James Dashner
  • The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare(and two other authors who frankly I couldn't care less about)
  • A green Big Bang Theory t-shirt with BAZINGA! on the front
  • A wonderful notebook with the words 'Thoughts of An Absolute Genius' on the front cover.
  • Geek Girl:All That Glitters by Holly Smale
  • The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask on 3DS
  • A pair of GORGEOUS Emily the Strange earphones(they're so sexy.)
  • A beautiful pen with it's own box. Aww

So, now that I've informed you of my presents, I'll fill you in on my:

Resolutions for the 14th year of my life:

  1. Read more books. These can be any books I like-you can only write a good book by reading trashy ones and figuring what not to do-and can be from any format. Personally I prefer paperbacks as they're small light and pretty to look at, but I don't mind reading a Wattpad book every now and again.
  2. Write more, and write well. Writing pages and pages of drivel is all very well, but is anyone ever going to want to read it? Na. So, this resolution is me reminding myself not to start any projects that I think are absolute bull. Note to self: Am allowed to just go with the flow with an idea, but at some point must step back and evaluate what I've written. No point writing 30 chapters of a HungerVergentRunner crossover.
  3. Be a nicer person. Okay, so from what I've heard said about me, I'm not a particularly nice person. I'm cynical, brutally honest, arrogant, selfish and I let my few talents confuddle my head so I think I'm the next Leonardo Di Vinci. I'm not about to start being Mother Teresa or anything-I mean, why??-but my actions from last year have proven that a bit of kindness wouldn't go amiss in my home town, especially as I am surrounded by 1,999 other horny teenagers every single weekday in the school calendar.
  4. Work out what my style is. Okay, so from what I've posted on this site, you probably think of me as an egotistical, annoying and verrryy pretentious teenager who likes nothing more than a good moan. (This is very accurate, now that I stop to think about it.) In real life,I'm slightly less moany and much, much more involved. Alright, you wouldn't catch me getting involved in a student council meeting(Me getting voted onto the Student Council-HAAA!!) and parties are my idea of hell, but in real life I'm a doer. But I'm also a thinker. Seriously, what is up with my mind?? I'm not shy-I will act a play in front of the school if I have to-but I'm not always on the front lines. GAAARRGHH!!!
  5. Pick a career. Okay, I admit this resolution is mainly to waste one of my slots. The idea of sitting with a counsellor who'd talk through your feelings and show you what your inner self is sounds as fun as double algebra. I know what I want to do-I want to be a novellist/actress/journalist, and I've no isssue with working hard to get it. I want to take History at university(it's my best subject, just saying) and perhaps lecture at the uni itself whilst working on the finishing touches of my novel, get published and then get LOADED. My life is all planned out, but there's one problem. Money. He (he's male, because nearly all my problems revolve around males. Sigh.) is a pretentious douchebag who,if you haven't got enough of him, will leave you at the bottom of the pile, even more screwed up than when you attempted to climb your mountain in the first place. Thanks a lot, Conservative government,for your tireless dedication to the working class. HATS OFF TO YOU.
  6. Whoo, cooled down now after that last point. So- Do more exercise. I've been putting off making this resolution for years, namely because I know it'll take my full dedication to see it through. I hate exercise-it's so tiring, and for what?? You see people built like athletes, and only half a year ago they were fatter than you, and you're like: HUH??? We have to run around the local park every week in P.E, and they're lying when they say it gets easier. That's bull. It's as hard each week. I'm not going to pretend, readers-I am an awful runner. I am not built for running, and therefore I'm one step behind the athletic girls who make up my class. Plus, I just don't see the point in running as fast as you can, your stomach exploding-for you to just get a time. It's not like you get a badge or anything to celebrate your achievements, just a tap on the shoulder from the P.E teacher, and that's it!! Not worth the effort, but I want to look good this summer, so...
  7. Finally, the last resolution. I've been saving this for something special. My last resolution is to stop getting crushes on boys who are seriously not worth my time. Don't get the wrong impression-I'm not a boy-chaser, and I don't fall for the guys who are in detention 24/7. They're assholes. No, I'm the girl who becomes friends with a boy, and then best friends, and then BOOM!! I'm stuck in the friend zone for the rest of the month, until I stop liking them and move on to someone else. I'll be starting my GCSE's in September, after all, so this year really needs to be focused on getting my head down and working. Yep, that's what I'm going to do!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, guys.These posts are a way for me to vent my emotions without anyone knowing my identity, which is nice. Enjoy your Easter!!


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