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I wrote this a very long time ago. Not my best, but I wanted to share it with the world. People come and go in life, always love yourself.

Polaroid Picture (Object Perspective Story)

April 5, 2015



She was so happy that day. The camera was in focus, and with a snap and a flash of light, the camera captured the moment and I was printed out. She picked me up and started shaking me from side to side, hoping I would develop sooner. She had excitement in her eyes, as her curiosity on how I looked took over. As soon as I became developped, she laughed, smiled, and hung me up on her light blue walls as soon as she got home. I was next to other polaroids. Each had its own story. They were taken at different times. They were taken at different places. They were taken with different people. I was taken with her best friend of five years, while they were hanging out after a long time of not seeing each other. Months passed and people change. Every time she would pass me in her room, I would get a different look. She would look at me in anger. She would look at me with tears. Then one day, she took me down and placed me somewhere where she didn't have to see me. Now, I'm gone. Even though the people in the picture changed, the picture never changed. She hated that. 


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