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Stars Found On Earth!

By: Diana.vargas

PROMPT: A Star is Born!

In 1969, a meteor had crashed near the town of Murchison, Australia. Soon after it was taken by Philipp Heck, someone that study’s meteors, he had found out that the meteor was holding Stardust! Small grains of stars that were formed billions of years ago, from a Star that had become too old and shed it’s stardust. For the scientist, Philipp Heck, to see how old the stardust really was, he broke off small parts of the meteor and crushed it into a soft powder. He had complained saying, “it smelt like rotten peanut butter”, and then poured acid on it to see the stardust grains.

Message to Readers

Constructive Criticism?

Peer Review

The first line. I like how time is brought into the story as an element, or as the base of the story.

I feel like the the sentences can be broken to be shorter for better comprehension.

Reviewer Comments

This is beautiful and really good as your first piece. Love it!!