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I was decidedly not okay when I wrote this, y'all. Thought I should share it


Call Me Anything, Just Don't Stop Calling Me

April 30, 2020


I have all this sun
And no place to shine it
And the light has dimmed my eyes
And I am in love with a memory 
Of a ghost of something I had
Once, under younger skies
Don't you know
I'd let you pull me apart at the seams
Piece by aching piece
Just to feel you touch me again
And I would be grateful

How unfair it is
To have all this love
And nowhere to put it
All this glass ground into my chest
With every word you say
And I didn't know it would hurt like this
That I could hurt like this
And still want more
But I want more

I never want this pain to stop
Please don't stop
Keep talking, please
Tell me about this girl
The one you feel in love with
How unlike me she is
Tell me all the songs that make you think of her
(did you make a playlist with her name on it yet?)

I'll listen
Oh, God,
I'll listen to every word like a blow
with my glass-ground lungs
And my earthquake hands
Don't you know?
You're the smoke in my lungs
Making it hard to breathe but
I'm craving you anyway

You're happier now
You're free
And it's a fucking travesty
That I, 
A bird with heavy bones
Am staked to the very ground you walked on
And I see you flying above me
And my heart sinks and soars in equal measure
Which is the only way
It stays in my chest

You look free and happy
Better than you have in a year
Flying above me
Perhaps you're what filled my bones with cement
Maybe you're the one
That tied me to the ground
When I wasn't looking
But I'm okay with it
At least I get to watch you fly

I have all this sun
And no place to shine it
So I cast this shadow instead


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  • Ree Sethu

    this is sooo lovely! I LOVED the diction and the title!! <3

    about 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    Replying: @Dani A. Remlap
    when you say the "feeling torn out of a notebook and posted up without a signature" is exactly what it was at first. i scribbled it in a notebook by my bed at like 11 one night and ripped it out and ofc i didn't put my name on it. it was recently i decided to transfer it here on WTW.

    also, i feel like i never got to say this:
    i love your work here on wtw! you're such an amazing writer and every time i notice you active i try and see what pieces you've published so i have a chance to be touched by aspiring work. and thank you so much for all your support, from comments/likes and your review--really, many thanks! much love <3

    over 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    "And I am in love with a memory / Of a ghost"
    my favorite lines-gosh, i love them. they're so relatable in a deep and sensitive way.

    "(did you make a playlist with her name on it yet?)"
    yes, yes, yes, yes! the italicizing went perfect there and it definitely made this amazing line even more amazing.

    "That I, / A bird with heavy bones / Am staked to the very ground you walked on / And I see you flying above me"
    ahh, this metaphor was everything. absolutely painfully gorgeous.

    simply: lovely work!

    over 1 year ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Haha I'm not relating at allllll

    over 1 year ago