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Message to Readers

some backstory in the footnotes if you're interested. sorry if you don't agree with me, i'm not trying to put down anyone who cusses.
feedback is appreciated, and thanks for reading.

good luck today:P with anything. i've missed saying that to my friends at school and around town.

sour oranges and raw green beans

April 29, 2020


i whisper
"f*** yeah"
just to see if i like it,
it tastes like
sour oranges and
raw green beans,
not good enough
to make me want
to say it 

i guess
i don't like
the devil's words
on my tongue,
and i'm glad
the wind stole them away.
i know this could turn out to be a bit controversial, so this is just my own opinion. this is probably going to be the first and last time you'll ever see a cuss word in my writing, it's just not usually my style. however, i wanted to do a poem like this because it is completely true. simple. nothing special. and my truth for the world to see. 

good luck today:P with anything. i've missed saying that to my friends at school and around town. 


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  • Anlee

    ahhhh i adore this piece <3 you expressed the "aftertaste" feeling really well!

    2 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    I completely agree with this, and i know what you mean. I've only sworn once and it gave me such a bad aftertaste that I will never swear again. Swearing is just ugly and as an author its so uncreative. Like, sure, you can really hate something, but find a better way to describe it than using ugly, offensive words. Also, i understand why people use them WHEN ITS NECESSARY, but when its not?? When you're just swearing to swear?? That bugs me. You know what I mean??

    4 months ago
  • Emi

    I actually really agree with this; sometimes we slip into saying something like a curse word just to try it. Your simile is amazing!

    4 months ago
  • journal.scribbles

    Sadly, this is so relatable...

    4 months ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    Oh, this is so GOOD!!!

    5 months ago
  • lindsmariebuck

    I like the simile you used- good job! (This is a great piece in general!!)

    7 months ago