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To The Girl I Told Her Skirt Was Too Short

April 28, 2020


To the girl I told her skirt was too short, 
Now I wasn’t trying to be offensive but I saw the way the boys looked at you.
I saw the way their eyes traveled up your legs
And the way they licked their lips.
They tapped their friends on their shoulders
And pointed at you
And they too gave you that look
Until you disappeared from view. 

A little while after, you walked by again
And a different group of boys 
Looked at you with a raw hunger in their eyes.
I tapped you on your shoulder and 
Told you that your skirt was too short but
You snapped at me and walked away.
Maybe instead, 
I should have warned you that the boys
Who linger around drank you up
With the thirst of a man in the desert. 
I should have told you how
They licked their fingers itched to grab on to your skin and
Leave a couple of bruises.

My mistake dear,
But I fear, you might soon learn why
I told you that your skirt was too short.
But I hope to God, you keep wearing you skirt short.
You shouldn’t be chastised
Or warned because the boys can’t control themselves.
To the girl I told her skirt was too short,
I meant it.
Your skirt was so short that
I listened as the boys described your thighs.
I listened as they talked about 
Making a home between them.
I wanted to protect you.
I really did.
I was going to do something believe me.
But then, my friend pointed out
That my pants were too tight.
And I understood exactly what she meant.


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